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adpowers 2002-10-03 22:45

changing the account name on computer
Hello. I recently installed mprime on my Linux machine. I ran mprime originally without first setting up the options, so it went and made a random account and username. I changed the username to my team name and password to my team password, but it hasn't showed up in my team stats section yet. Will the current exponent be credited to my team when it finishes? If not, how do I make it so that the computer imediately joins my team?


Prime95 2002-10-03 23:11

Did you change the information by editing prime.ini or did you use the menus (mprime -m)? If you edited the prime.ini file try setting restoring the generated userid and password in the prime.ini file and use the menus to change to your team id.

Alternatively, try

adpowers 2002-10-03 23:37

At the time, I didn't know about the menus in mprime, so I used prime.ini. Unfortunately, I don't know the password because I forgot to save it. I am fairly sure I can figure out the user name though.


Prime95 2002-10-03 23:45

if you email the 2 userids, I can merge them without passwords

adpowers 2002-10-03 23:52

Okay, where can I find your e-mail?

Prime95 2002-10-04 02:05


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