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gd_barnes 2009-05-29 19:36

Sieving drive for k=2000-3400 n=50K-1M
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]This is a sieving drive for k=[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]2000-3400 and n=50K-1M. It should be considered [B]high priority[/B] at this point. Except for our k=3010-3200 manual mini-drive, we do not have any drives with top-5000 searches for n<660K at the moment.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Karsten, Bruce, and I have completed sieveing up to P=3800G (3.8T). I will send a file to everyone who has volunteered to contribute to the effort. We are shooting to have the sieving complete to P=25T by June 20th, which will be sufficient for LLRing up to n=600K. k=2000-3000 will be the main drive. We'll decide how to break up k=3000-3400 later on. Bruce has already reserved P=3800G-5000G.

The processing speed on a 64-bit 2.6-Ghz Intel quad is around P=130000 per second, although will likely be a little faster at the higher P-ranges. Please use that as a guideline for reserving work. As a general rule, I've found that a P=100G range takes a little over a week. Although we are shooting for June 20th, please reserve work in 7-10 day pieces so that we can remove contiguous P-factors as we progress. Bruce will be bringing at least 16 cores and I will be bringing 13-16 cores to the effort.

The sieve (.dat) file is huge. Even in ABCD format, the entire range sieved to P=3800G is about 20 MB zipped. I was able to successfully Email an even larger file to Bruce so I think Email will work. Let me know if you have difficulty pulling it up from your Email.

Like before, sr2sieve is what we will use. Let us know if you need the executable or more detailed instructions on using it. Here is an example of the command to execute at the command prompt:

sr2sieve -p 5000e9 -P 5250e9 -i sieve2000-3400-50K-1M.txt

The above would be if you were sieving P=5000G-5250G. The file is listed after the "-i" command and is the actual file name that will be sent to everyone. Feel free to name it something shorter if you want or use the "srwork" older convention where you don't have to specify a file name.

When complete, you should have a factors.txt file. Just post the file here in this thread or if it is too big, please Email the file to me at:
gbarnes017 at gmail dot com

Here is a link to the latest sieve file: [URL][/URL]. All factors up to P=19T have been removed.

P-range reserved by status est. completion date
0G- 500G kar_bon complete
500G- 1800G gd_barnes complete
1800G- 5000G Brucifer complete
5000G- 5050G Mini-Geek complete
5050G- 6500G gd_barnes complete
6500G- 7000G kar_bon complete
7000G- 7500G MyDogBuster complete
7500G- 8100G Flatlander complete
8100G-10900G Lennart complete
10900G-12000G Brucifer complete
12000G-12400G MyDogBuster complete
12400G-12650G Svenie25 complete
12650G-16000G Lennart complete
16000G-16050G Mini-Geek complete
16050G-19000G Lennart complete
19000G-20000G Brucifer complete
20000G-21000G Lennart complete
21000G-22050G gd_barnes complete
22050G-22100G Mini-Geek complete
22100G-23000G Lennart complete
23000G-23200G Svenie25 complete
23200G-26000G Lennart complete
26000G-26400G MyDogBuster complete
26400G-28000G Lennart complete
28000G-28500G Brucifer complete
28500G-29000G Lennart complete
29000G-29700G gd_barnes complete
29700G-30000G Lennart complete

No more sieving is needed at this time.
The higher n-ranges will need further sieving in the future.
A separate drive will be run for them.

[/code]Thanks everyone for helping us complete this sieving drive! :smile:


Mini-Geek 2009-05-30 00:19

I'll take 5000G-5050G. I really don't know how long it'll take, so I'll pick this small range to make sure I can finish it in a short time. :smile:

gd_barnes 2009-05-30 08:25

P=500G-1800G is complete. A file sieved to P=3800G will be sent to everyone shortly.

Reserving P=5050G-6500G. 100G each on 14 fast cores and 50G on one slower core makes this range fit well. ETA is late June 7th-early June 8th.

k/n pairs with algebraic factors have been removed from 5 different k's that were either a perfect square, cube, or 5th power. Over 10,000 pairs were removed! :-)


kar_bon 2009-05-30 08:26

Reserving P=6500G to 7000G.

MyDogBuster 2009-05-30 08:42

Reserving 7000G to 7500G

gd_barnes 2009-05-30 09:39

I have now Emailed the sieve file to everyone. Unfortunately it is getting kicked back to my by Karsten's, Chris's, and Lennart's Email due to the size. To get around that, I just now tried uploading it to my googlepages site but it won't take it either. That is expecially surprising because at ~23 MB, it is well within the remaining available space that I have left there. I've only used 22 MB out of 100 MB available.

I just resent the file to an alternative Email address that Lennart gave me and it appers to have worked.

I may split the file in 2-3 parts to send it to Chris and Karsten. That will require that you guys use srfile to merge the 2 sieve files back together again. If you have any questions, let me know. Working on it now...


gd_barnes 2009-05-30 10:29

I split the file in two and Emailed it to Karsten and Chris. Chris's Email accepted it. As per the Email Chris, you'll need to use srfile to merge it back together again.

Karsten, your Hotmail account must have a small limit because it is saying that it is still too big; even though the 2 halves are only around 12-13 MB zipped (or perhaps your Email account is near full). Do you have a different Email address that I could send you the file?


Mini-Geek 2009-05-30 12:28

I received and downloaded it without a problem. If you like, I could upload it to one of the sites I manage and PM the link to anyone that still needs it.
Can't you put it on either or your no-ip address?

5000G-5050G has begun, not sure on the ETA, but I should be able to report the factors by early June 5. Edit: sr2sieve is now reporting that it will finish on June 4, one instance says 19:00, the other 21:34. I'm not sure exactly when it'll finish.

Have we passed another optimal sieve depth for a good-sized n-range? I know that right now I could LLR some of the smallest ones way faster than I'm finding factors.

Flatlander 2009-05-30 12:37

Taking 7500-8100G on 6 cores. ETA to follow.

10th June for 4 32bit cores @ 3.09GHz 109,000 p/sec.
7th June for 2 64bit cores @ 2.25GHz. 141,000 p/sec.
(Gary, as you can see I wasn't able to (without a load of hassle) install 64bit Windows 7 on my quad.)

Lennart 2009-05-30 12:50

Reserving 8100G-9000G Lennart

MyDogBuster 2009-05-30 13:52

Gary, If Karsten did 0g-500G then just send him all the factor files and he can remove them from his sieve file himself.

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