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dave_0273 2004-03-13 03:07

44-45M Up to 2^62
Title says it all. As far as I could tell this range is available.....

dave_0273 2004-05-26 14:16

Well, time for an update...

I just finished 44.0-44.1M up to 2^62 and emailed the results off to george.

There were 2516 exponents tested
There were 99 factors found

dave_0273 2004-08-11 11:13

Ok, time for another update.

44.1-44.2M is now complete up to 2^62.

The results up to this point have now been submitted.

In this 0.1M range, there were 2544 exponents tested of which 100 factors were found.

dave_0273 2004-10-17 01:51

Time for another update.....

44.2M-44.3M is now complete up to 2^62 and the results have been emailed off to george.

Stats from this 0.1M range...
There were 2516 exponents tested
There were 89 factors found

dave_0273 2005-03-18 14:49

Ok... time for another update

44.3-44.4M is now factored up to 2^62

In this 0.1M range...
There were 2427 exponents tested
There were 83 factors found

I will hopefully be moving another computer into this range to try to speed it up.

garo 2006-03-24 09:25

Any progress on this??

1997rj7 2006-04-20 13:42

If no one objects, I will take over this range when my current range ends (about a week from now). It seems that dave_0273 is no longer with us, alas.

garo 2006-05-05 10:34

I think you can go ahead and take this. I will change the reservation to reflect this.

1997rj7 2006-05-05 13:45

OK, it should take about 6 weeks.

dave_0273 2006-05-30 15:15

Wow..... long time since my last post.

I don't know where you are up to in this, but i am almost finished this set.

It's my fault, I just let it plod away on my old computer in the corner and only check on it once a month or so. I should really check the forums more.

I am currently up to M44923717, yes i know, slow progess, but it is just a poor little P3.

I am going to submit everything that I have done so far... so like 44.4 and onwards now, but you can finish off the rest, if you haven't already.

1997rj7 2006-06-13 18:22

This range is now done.

From 44.4 - 45.0 there were 15103 numbers, and 486 were factored.

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