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frmky 2003-11-10 23:27

Another not-showing-up-in-stats problem

I've got a machine whose current results are not showing up in the stats. Here's recent info from the command line:

19:54:59 Siever finished...
19:54:59 Submitting results...
19:55:05 Results successfully submitted...
19:55:05 Warning, the guid is the config.txt does not match the value detected
19:55:05 for the local machine. Using the detected value.
19:55:05 Requesting assignment...
19:55:05 Received assignment (MSRC 2_811M_1 6474065-6474450)...
19:55:05 Building .in file...
19:55:05 Updating project .in file with assigned range...
19:55:05 Launching siever...

The current guid from results.txt:

Data from config.txt:
userid jgchilders
username Greg Childers
useremail <censored>
computerid GCHILDERS-2K
guid M04C820524153P0

Greg Childers

xilman 2003-11-11 13:00

Hi Greg,

I'll track it down and get it fixed. Your data is safe but it
looks like the registration details are confused. The current performance for that machine reads:

whenders srv2k3-2 MC4EC20524153 49.5 43461 1 Nov 2003 10 Nov 2003.

May take me a day or so to sort it out because I'm at home on sick leave today


frmky 2003-11-11 22:37

Ah. It looks like my machine keeps changing guid's, and all work since Oct 25 has appeared under whenders. It started with guid M04C820524153 in my account on Oct. 20. Since Oct 20, it's apparently been M464D20524153 from Oct 25-28, MFC7E20524153 from Oct 28- Nov 1, and MC4EC20524153 from Nov 1 to the present. Unlike my other machines which have changed guids, this machine has only one network card. Any idea why the 4 characters after M keeps changing?


Jeff Gilchrist 2003-11-12 12:16

What OS are you running? Is VMWARE used at all?

You only have on Ethernet card but do you also have a Modem on that machine as well?


frmky 2003-11-12 20:08

It's a Dell OptiPlex GX270 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 running Windows 2000 SP4, no VMWARE anywhere. It's got a single integrated Intel Gigabit Pro 1000 MT network card and no modem.


dleclair 2003-11-12 20:18


It appears that the guid detected is based on a RAS (remote access services) adapter. The guids from RAS adapters are 'virtual' guids and there's a good chance that they will not be unique across a set of machines.

We have a fix for this, and some related problems, in the imminent new release of the client. That said, I'm not 100% sure this is the problem in your case. I'll get in touch off-list to get more details and diagnose the problem.

Don Leclair

frmky 2003-11-14 02:32


Sorry you have the misfortune of straightening out my screwed up stats. After the last reboot a few days ago, the guid changed again. It's now MCE3120524153 and the stats are appearing under user unknown, computer unknown. The computer is probably going to undergo another reboot tonight when IT pushes the latest Windows updates to it....they usually do that on Thursday nights.

Looks like the "20524153" can be relied upon not to probably just searching for that to find all my wayward contributions will work.


Wacky 2003-11-14 03:36


Although inconvienient, registering new "RAS" based IDs for your machine is not a problem except when a conflict occurs because these IDs are not truly unique. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before they have a patch to the nfsnet client that will eliminate the problem.

In the interim, just send an e-mail to me (richard at nfsnet dot org) with your new IDs as they happen. I can fix you up with a few simple commands.

As for the past effort that you have done, Paul is tracking through the logs to see which entries me need to reassign. When he concludes his analysis, we will be moving the credits to you as appropriate.


xilman 2003-11-17 15:29

I'm fairly sure that the problem has now been corrected.

You've over taken me in the performance table 8-(

Sorry for the inaccurate results for a time but it looks like all is back to normal now.


frmky 2003-11-18 01:49

[QUOTE]You've over taken me in the performance table 8-([/QUOTE]

Yeah...but I seem to recall something about a small group of machines to which you have access that could change that in a moment's notice. Fortunately for me they're busy doing something else at the moment. :smile:


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