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ewmayer 2020-08-08 22:42

Official "Swap Meet" thread
Please post pics if useful for the offered stuff. Gear offered (or listed as "wanted") in this thread should be free except for reasonable shipping expenses. It's about unloading no-longer-needed-by-you compute gear to those who can make use of it.

Posted links should be text-struck-through (I prefer that to deletion, to preserve a record) by mods as ietms are disposed of.


[1] I bought this [url=]4 Port VGA KVM Switch with USB Hub Support Wireless Keyboard Mouse Connection and Push Button Switching Function[/url] earlier this year to try to better-manage my multi-device desktop. It works great, but added about the same amount of cabling as it allowed me to get rid of, and I've since switched to WiFi-based remote-administration of all but my core system, either using onboard wifi or cheap $15 USB-wifi sticks. Not sure precise ship cost, need to weigh & cost it via USPS, but definitely < $10, to US addresses only.

[2] [url=]Charging Station for Multiple Devices MSTJRY 5 Port Multi USB Charger Station with Power Switch for Cell Phone Tablets (White, 5 Mixed Short Cables Included)[/url] -- US only, shipping < $5

[3] 2 of [url=] AC Infinity MULTIFAN S4, Quiet 140mm USB Fan for Receiver DVR Playstation Xbox Computer Cabinet Cooling [/url] -- US only, shipping < $5

Uncwilly 2021-02-04 15:23

Posting this here as it appears to be a good thread for used hardware.

You too can own part of the first supercomputer:

[URL=""] [/URL]
You can get a single IC from the CRAY-1 or an IC and part of a PCB. This is not any old machine it is the first supercomputer.

storm5510 2021-02-04 17:19

Finally! Something like this has been needed for a long time. :grin:

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