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Kosmaj 2004-12-30 16:24

No primes for n<=848k.

Some stats:
range 1-1M: 2226 candidates remain after sieving to 10 M.
range 1M-2M: 1280 candidates remain after sieving to 1.037E12 (1037G in your notation).

Since n=837k the FFT length has been 98304.

Kosmaj 2005-01-06 07:31

Joss, the status page now appears truncated at k=14321533 :surprised

VBCurtis 2005-04-17 04:20

I'd like to reserve k=131707 from the low weight page on I'm at roughly n=170,000 on my previous number, with the largest prime around n=120,000. I'll post the primes discovered on the small-primes thread once I compile the list from the machines that ran trials on it.

VBCurtis 2005-04-19 17:58

reserving k=167021 from the low weight page also. n=1M is a good target for low-weight numbers, right?

Kosmaj 2005-04-20 04:48

I tried only one low-wight k and I sieved to 2M, but checked only to about 1.25M. You can reach 1M quickly with a mid-range P-4 (2.4-2.6GHz) so I'd suggest at least 1.5M as the target.

VBCurtis 2005-04-27 20:53

Reserving k=171089 and k=175211 from low-weight page. I picked up a few machines from friends/students who think the project is interesting.

VBCurtis 2005-05-21 17:29

Reservations and updates: (all from low-weight page)
reserving 245561 (currently at n=580000)
reserving 13900807 (currently at n=320000)
131707 finished to n=1 million, sieving n=1m...3m currently (p=2.3T)
167021 at n=630000

No primes yet from this search.

VBCurtis 2005-07-17 21:14

Reserving k=9770317 from low weight page. I started work on this a couple weeks ago, but forgot to post the reservation.


VBCurtis 2005-07-18 22:57

Updates on low weight numbers:
131707 tested to n=1.15M, sieved to 6.5T up to n=3M. (working here now)
167021 tested to n=800k, sieved to 2.5T up to n=2M.
171089 tested to n=570k, sieved to 770B up to n=1M.
175211 tested to n=855k, sieved to 1.1T up to n=1M. (working here now)
167021 tested to n=800k, sieved to 2.5T up to n=2M.
245561 tested to n=1M, sieved to 1.5T up to n=2M.
9770317 tested to n=1.1M, sieved to 1.7T up to n=2M.
13900807 tested to n=600k, sieved to 1.2T up to n=4M.

gribozavr 2005-07-19 05:47

Here is my low-weight number:
177941 tested to n=518k, sieved to 315B up to 1M. (feel should sieve it further)

VBCurtis 2005-07-21 18:09

Gribozavr-- how many candidates are left? I can give you a decent estimate of ideal sieving, if you can provide me the weight of the k-value (number of candidates left from n=518k to n=1M is sufficient).

If you have recent data on time per LLR or time per exponent sieved, that will help corroborate my estimation (I want to see if my estimations are accurate, so I'd use this data to double-check).

Also, do you have a P3 or Athlon to do the sieving? Ideal sieving depth if you only possess a P4 is nowhere near as deep as if you can sieve an athlon and LLR with a P4, since the P4 is relatively so much better at LLR than sieving. If you have only P4, I don't mind running a sieve for a week or so on an Athlon to give you a boost (you wouldn't have to credit me for any primes found).

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