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ravlyuchenko 2011-08-16 08:13

how to run msieve or cado-nfs on mpi-cluster?
I've built a Mpich-cluster ( which has 3 nodes ) in ubuntu according to [url][/url] , but i don't know how to distribute msieve on these nodes. Should I change the script by activating msieve with "mpiexec"? Or do anything else.

BTW, what are the paralell structures you are using to distribute msieve? Thanks for the suggestion!

jasonp 2011-08-16 12:12

Most of the folks here with multiple machines use the perl or python scripts, which have all the sievers write to a shared directory but do not expect MPI to be available. The NFS readme in the Msieve source repository goes into a lot of detail on using MPI to run the linear algebra.

The CADO tools have an MPI-aware perl script you can use, which is documented pretty thoroughly.

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