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nfortino 2003-12-14 23:00

I was just about to apologize after re-reading the undoc entry. Sorry. :redface:

Complex33 2003-12-20 02:18

Ok I ran an experiment using the FactorOverride=n switch with the V4 server. The procedure I used allows a machine to factor to a specific bit depth, return the results and "un-stick" the exponents with a little manual work. I also verified that the server has an updated bit depth for the said exponents when assigning them to other factoring accounts. I'd post the procedure but I'm not sure how it would be received by the powers that be. Anyone want to condone this?

PrimeCruncher 2003-12-20 02:52

Well, the point of doing that would be to get non-SSE2 CPUs to factor only through 2^64, would it not? This procedure would be a lot of work for miniscule amounts of credit. You could post the procedure but I doubt many people would use it. I, for one, will not.

sdbardwick 2003-12-20 05:40

I'd be interested, depending on the amount of intevention required to make sure the exponents are 'un-stuck'. If it can be done in a semi-automated batch process I'd love to do the initial step on my various Athlons so P4s can be used in the most efficient manner.

Obviously, I would only take this course of action if it does not cause problems with the server, and George and Scott don't object. I seem to recall there being some discussion that the next version of the server would allow for this degree of granularity in assigning TF work.

GP2 2003-12-20 15:31

If you look at [url][/url], you don't see stuck exponents any more. I think Scott made a recent change to automatically handle them.

Of course you do see the daily expiries, which sometimes take hours to clear, but that's not the same as permanently stuck exponents.

garo 2003-12-20 20:00

The problem with this procedure - which was verified by trif and myself about a year ago - is that these exponents will become stuck again when the time comes to release them for LL testing. And if any of the exponents expire they are likely to become stuck as well. Primenet had huge gobs of stuck exponents until recently that rendered the summary page a not so pretty sight.

Therefore, we decided it is not worth the hassle and the screw-up on Primenet.

garo 2003-12-20 20:12

Oops! i did not read GP2's message before posting and forgot about the change Scott made. Hopefully, that takes care of our past concerns. I'd be interested to see if someone can verify that Scott's new mechanisms "unsticks" all stuck exponents successfully.

Complex33 2003-12-21 04:46

When running the expierment TF exponents were stuck after sending in lower than normal factoring bit depths. I had to manually un-stick them and then release them.

garo 2003-12-21 05:26

Yeah but Scott's unstick routine runs at 0600 UTC everyday. So leave a few stuck and come back the next day to see if they got unstuck.

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