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bebarce 2005-12-14 05:21

I have found out through a series of Forums that their is a program called BOINC which groups many of these number crunching programs through one user interface. The website is located here. [url][/url] While I don't know how nicely MIT plays with Berkely, what I do know is that GIMP would probably benefit from extra coverage as more people join this program. I know I have just joined it as well as many other people on a forum that I subscribe to. I didn't see GIMP registered with them, and since I do like the concept of GIMP I wanted it to be listed as a project.

pacionet 2005-12-14 09:37

Yes BOINC it is actually the most growing distributed computing platform but
when some time ago I asked George Woltman about BOINC and GIMPS he said that it is very difficult that prime95 will not be rewritten for BOINC platform because it would be an (extremely) intensive job.

pacionet 2005-12-15 12:22

Of course if I've said something wrong , somebody (or George himself) correct me.

moo 2005-12-15 18:35

Well bionic is an archtecture for distrubuted computing but sometimes projects dont always get along there is always the users that try to screw with other projects....

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