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roemer2201 2019-08-20 18:32

All my benchmarks are empty
Dear All,

I ran benchmarks in mprime on different systems and according to the screen output the benchmark data got sent to the server. Unfortunately the table on "PrimNet CPU Benchmark" stays empty. I think this URL shows, that I do not exclude my systems:

I use all three benchmark types in mprime with their default options. Do I need to change them?

Thank you in advance!


Prime95 2019-08-20 19:46

The web page is well behind the times -- probably should be removed.

The web page only displays data if you run a benchmark single-threaded on a single core. This data is near useless. The throughput benchmarks using all cores is a much. much better indicator of your machine's prowess.

The throughput data is sent to the server just in case we ever get around to revamping the web page.

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