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Max 2006-10-22 09:20

No disk writing
FAQ: "...create the proper save files for the program to pick up where it left off when you restart your machine."

After an update to the newest version the results are not written to disk. Why?

I changed nothing in the settings, am my own administrator, use no proxies - and everything lets pass the firewall :wink:


Uncwilly 2006-10-23 00:52

Make sure that your files are not set as read only (which may have happened if you burned them to a CD to transfer.)

Post your info for the following here, (from prime.ini)


Max 2006-10-23 07:58

>Make sure that your files are not set as read only (which may
>have happened if you burned them to a CD to transfer

Never changed anything! I only have updated the program.
The settings from version 23 were automatically taken over.
Therefore no CD burning, no separate backup.


UseHTTP= ? (not there)
UsePrimenet= 1
DialUp= 0
DaysOfWork= 5
OutputIterations= 10000
ResultsFileIterations= 99999999
DiskWriteTime= 10
NetworkRetryTime= 2
NetworkRetryTime2= 30
DaysBetweenCheckins= 28
TwoBackupFiles= 1

Where can I change the settings making sure that the files are
not set as read only?

Thank you!

S485122 2006-10-23 08:29

[QUOTE=Max;89693]Where can I change the settings making sure that the files are not set as read only?[/QUOTE]
Use explorer (assuming you are running windows).[List][*]Go to your prime95 directory.[*]Select all files in the directory.[*]Right-Click on the selected files.[*]Choose "Properties".[*]There is a "Read-Only" check box.[List][*]It can be clear, meaning that no file is read-only. This would mean the problem is elsewhere.[*]It can be checked, meaning all files are Read-Only or grey checked meaning some files are read-only. Unchecking the attribute would make all files writable.[/list][/list]

Max 2006-10-23 08:40

All files can be put into archives, I read there. :mad:
Likewise every single file.

S485122 2006-10-23 08:58

Which version of windows are you using ?
Another way to to see the attributes of the files, is to switch to detailed view for the folder containing prime95 : menu "View", click on "Details".
Then make the attribute column visible : menu "View", click on "Choose Details...", check the attributes line.
If there are "R" or "RA" in the attribute column, those files are read-only.

Max 2006-10-23 10:04

Win XP Home SP2 (with vers. 23 and 24).
The attributes line says: A

patrik 2006-10-23 20:56

Exactly what files did not get written to disk? The save files starting with p and q, and ending in the last digits of your number? Or the file results.txt?

In the latter case: did you actually produce any results since the upgrade?

You can get info of what iteration Prime95 is at written to results.txt, e.g. [CODE][Mon Oct 23 22:51:19 2006]
Iteration 17900000 / 35183101[/CODE]by changing "Iterations between results file outputs" under Options/Preferences in Prime95. (You can use this to test that results.txt is writable by Prime95.)

Max 2006-10-24 07:37

Sorry, I donĀ“t know what files exactly do not get written to disk. Where can I see that? Here is the end of the result.txt:

[Sun Oct 08 12:38:10 2006]
UID: S306906/C4FC50009, M34931251 is not prime. Res64: 8AB2D9BB4930E2ED. WZ1: 3C786332,5863980,00000000
[Sun Oct 08 18:44:21 2006]
Self-test 2048K passed!
[Tue Oct 10 19:33:32 2006]
UID: S306906/C4FC50009, M35542697 completed P-1, B1=615000, Wc1: 97859A02

These are the actually produced results since the upgrade.

Now it is fine in such a way that the test has begun. Everything before it was stored with version 24 properly (self test, completed P-1 / B1=615000 etc.). From now on the program begins after a new start always anew with the test (0.00%):

Starting primality test of M35542691
[Oct 24 09:30] Iteration: 10000 / 35542697 [0,02%]. Per iteration time: 0.208 sec.

Changing "Iterations between results file outputs" brought the following result:

[Tue Oct 24 09:30:35 2006]
Iteration 10010 / 35542697

Yes, a new entry :smile:

And now? Never again a new start? :no:

patrik 2006-10-24 17:44

Then it the save files that are not being written to disk.

Is the directory where Prime95 is installed write protected? (Earlier in this thread you confirmed that the files in the Prime95 directory were not write protected, but what about the folder itself?)

Is your disk full?

Max 2006-10-24 19:04

>>Is the directory where Prime95 is installed write protected?

No, only the known bug of Win XP:
I see a slightly grey hook, but the folder is not protected.

>>Is your disk full?

No, never.

Still follows: I use another program which writes data: BOINC. You know it certainly (SETI etc.). This functions. The attributes are the same like of the folder Prime95.

Still any idea? :unsure:

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