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wombatman 2014-12-07 03:07

Linear algebra reservations, progress and results
GC_8_264 factors as:

[CODE]prp86 factor: 26383134100982757291460878317121041686201395413170596148158389545980391642837583968517
prp151 factor: 8881779640054584990871538117648338052415757760237317156921377977415921791071512542791895331894618534453519816854531949424802269848459391656309557269933
elapsed time 132:09:48[/CODE]

On 4 threads with density of 128 and matrix size of 9.9M

YuL 2014-12-08 22:49

L1291 is factored
1 Attachment(s)
L1291 is factored:

[CODE]prp106 factor: 1249855406718459334577882041377376024910936441208688740444122294273182254341650988010011828796030378144451
prp154 factor: 1329664589085561992874110181586768455435095720621230207111477477081689437133196971517291828366241116858593630436551282171295947313385317932988941473740151
[/CODE]Log here: [URL][/URL] or as attached file.

Took ~260hours using 2x 12 threads on Dual Xeon E5-2620@2.0GHz.

VictordeHolland 2014-12-09 13:54

GC_9_257 factors
[code]prp73 factor: 1845426075403730053462129288275885883234439956553703893803515012810612649
prp112 factor: 1994907403960128557661955442116877220644177801426493614847479247965406610341759195655356018817237114048502313199[/code]13.4M matrix with density 108.

VictordeHolland 2014-12-11 13:11

reserving GC_8_274
Taking [B]GC_8_274 [/B]for post-processsing, will start downloading tonight (UTC+1), as my connection is more stable then.

wombatman 2014-12-13 06:09

Taking GC_9_256.

swellman 2014-12-15 14:45

GC_3_514 Factored

xilman 2014-12-15 18:43


Snarfed the number from here because my ISP's mail server is playing silly buggers ATM.


wombatman 2014-12-16 07:30

I've gone ahead and downloaded the HomePrimes C158 relations. It's starting with density 130.

VictordeHolland 2014-12-17 10:25

factors GC_8_274 , reserving GC_6_313
1 Attachment(s)
prp119 factor: 11105961380184281315769593553543160892580581597801402849439612649183221088858535135095613486343305767234319493422344849
prp131 factor: 53077136823760144174312953711256136617296298260897457962409761540159925155423384629172343814563442005758372491304530377636488884981[/code]
11.9M matrix, density 109

reserving [B]GC_6_313[/B].

wombatman 2014-12-17 13:43

HP2(4496)'s C158 at index 266 factors as:[CODE]prp66 factor: 236854526039812718445943657249584953272865799452722653886012415827
prp92 factor: 44736209167257069328391684903219619672587313216635877994327340032634335214475336519860345449
elapsed time 31:34:15[/CODE]

Matrix was 5.36M, density was 130, and 6 threads were used.

VictordeHolland 2014-12-20 11:46

L1923 and L1926
I'm reserving L1923 and L1926, if they are still available.
I've already downloaded the relations and started filtering, but I will not start LA untill after Christmas. Depending on the sizes of the matrices they will probably finish mid-to-end of January.

If anybody still wants to do one of these two, let me know. But since they have been waiting for somebody to pick them up for post-processing for some time now, I'd doubt that.

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