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fivemack 2015-12-30 17:43

What can I fit in mini-ITX and a 120W PSU
I decided the Xeon-D was a bit expensive for what it offered, and the person I'd bought the motherboard through offered to buy it back. So I'm left with

* 2 16GB sticks ECC DDR4 - anyone want to make me an offer for them?
* A nice small HTPC-style case (Compucase 8K01) with a 120W PSU

Can you sensibly fit a quad-core Skylake into such a box? It's only 70mm high which doesn't leave much room for enormous coolers; I don't have a good idea how much headroom over the CPU TDP I need to account for devices on the motherboard.

Mark Rose 2015-12-30 19:30

Any CPU cooler that will fit will probably have to work hard to keep a quad running full tilt core cool. The [url=]Noctua L9i[/url] might be a good fit. It's only 37 mm high. It's rated for 65 watts TDP, so it'll work with the non-K chips. If you use that cooler I'd reverse the case fan to pull hot air out, as the CPU cooler will be pulling air in through the top.

Are you concerned about noise? The 40 mm fan in that power supply is going to be working hard, too.

masser 2016-01-01 17:50

Sell the ram. That won't realistically fit any system that fits your case.

There are a lot of options; here's a (probably loud) one:


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