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Speedbump 2009-07-25 00:37

Using regular Prime 95 on 64 bit windows?
Hey guys... weird question but I would love to know the answer...

So I've been testing my stability for the last 12 hours . but came to realize that there was actually a 64bit version of Prime 95 version 25.11....
No errors as of yet, but I'm really wondering if my results would be different with a 64 bit version.. What is the real difference between the two versions?

I'm really hoping it will not change the results.. since this seems to be running perfectly stable...

I would love a clarification of whether using a 32 bit or "regular" version of the latest 25.11 Prime 95 will have any affect on stability when using a 64 bit Operating system

Thanks in advance

joblack 2009-07-25 00:51

The 64-Bit version uses the additional 8 'MMX'-register which aren't usable in the 32-Bit version.

It should be around 5 % faster than the 32-bit version.

There are no known stability issues - if there are you most probably have a hardware problem (overclocked too high) or some driver/windows issues.

There is no real reason to use the 32-Bit version in a 64-bit operating system ... if you have a 64-bit OS use a 64 bit version of the program. You can just overwrite the 32-bit EXE file and start it. Should work without any adjustments (it certainly did with my upgrade to 64-bit).

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