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Dr Sardonicus 2017-08-14 15:12

[QUOTE=kladner;465476]I can't help thinking that one of Latin America's curses is of hard choices between fiery revolutionaries and generationally-intrenched elite dynasties.

But then, I guess they are not alone in this dilemma, as at least us USians have a similar situation in progress.[/QUOTE]If these folks get their way, we may have more fun and games September 16!

[url=]Confederate group seeks September rally at the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond[/url]

When monuments to slavery are slated for removal in the South, racists gather and cry, It's part of history! It's part of history! It's part of history!

[url=]So's this![/url]

ewmayer 2017-08-16 00:29

This could well be cross-posted in the MET2017 thread:

[url=]Neoliberalism Booster New York Times Egregiously Misrepresents French Labor Laws[/url] | naked capitalism

Note the NYT author's take that 10% unemployment in France is sky-high and an indicator of how egregious the country's labor laws are is also shown to be BS when one considers how phonied-up U.S. unemployment stats have become over the past decades. As Mike Shedlock notes in his [url=]most-recent post on the weekly BLS employment-stats release[/url] (note that his repeated harping on 'disability fraud' in his why-people-drop-out-of-the-labor-force boilerplate is misplaced - Naked Cap. demolished that in a guest post a few months back):
[quote]The official unemployment rate is 4.3%. However, if you start counting all the people who want a job but gave up, all the people with part-time jobs that want a full-time job, all the people who dropped off the unemployment rolls because their unemployment benefits ran out, etc., you get a closer picture of what the unemployment rate is. That number is in the last row labeled U-6.

U-6 is much higher at 8.6%. Both numbers would be way higher still, were it not for millions dropping out of the labor force over the past few years.

Some of those dropping out of the labor force retired because they wanted to retire. The rest is disability fraud, forced retirement, discouraged workers, and kids moving back home because they cannot find a job.[/quote]

It is of course ironic that I should cite Mish in this post, because despite his useful analyses of US employment trends and government statistical flummery, the outrageousness and anti-competitivity of French labor laws are an article of faith with him.

Dr Sardonicus 2017-08-16 15:39

[QUOTE=Dr Sardonicus;465508]

[url=]Confederate group seeks September rally at the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond[/url]
[url=]UPDATE: Organizer withdrawing request to hold Sept. 16 rally at Lee monument[/url]
[quote]Bragdon Bowling is withdrawing his request to the state to hold a Sept. 16 rally at the Robert E. Lee statue on Monument Avenue.[/quote]

[quote]"I do not want to be part of an event where people are hurt or killed," Bowling said.[/quote]I nominate the continuation of this quote for a Doublethink Award:[quote]"Our purpose is to save monuments, not be engaged in social and racial issues."[/quote]

ewmayer 2017-08-20 07:08

[url=]Two Sides to Every Issue: the Tedium Twins Debate the Crucifixion, Slavery and Cannibalism[/url] | Counterpunch

Alexander Cockburn dismantles NPR's MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour.

kladner 2017-08-20 11:55

[QUOTE][I][I]The [U]Roman[/U] procurator in Jerusalem is trying to decide whether a man regarded by many as a saint should be put to death.[/I][/I][/QUOTE][I][QUOTE]They fear that new regulations being urged by reformers would undercut [U]America’s[/U] economic effectiveness abroad.[/QUOTE]
The [/I]MacNeil/Lehrer Time Travel Hour. :smile:

(Actually, an enlightening article.)

Dr Sardonicus 2017-08-20 13:31

The [/I]MacNeil/Lehrer Time Travel Hour. :smile:

(Actually, an enlightening article.)[/QUOTE]

Time travel, for sure. For one thing, the program wasn't called "NewsHour" until [i]after[/i] the article was published...

1975 [i]The Robert MacNeil Report[/i] debuts on Thirteen/WNET New York; retitled The MacNeil-Lehrer Report later that year, and distributed nationally on PBS

August 1982 "The Tedium Twins" by Alexander Cockburn published in [b]Harper's Magazine[/b]

1983 [i]MacNeil/Lehrer Report[/i] retitled [i]The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour[/i]. In December, Jim Lehrer suffers a major heart attack, but survives

1995 Robert MacNeil leaves the program; new title, [i]The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer[/i]

2009 Jim Lehrer leaves program; new title [i]PBS Newshour[/i]

July 2012 Alexander Cockburn dies

August 2017 [b]Harper's[/b] reprints 35-year-old article about the MacNeil-Lehrer Report

ewmayer 2017-08-20 21:04

AFAICT PBS's establishment-propagandistic 'news' model hasn't changed since the late Alexander Cockburn wrote that, but yah, shoulda mentioned the wayback-machine-ness.

kladner 2017-08-21 03:09

What's the fun off satire, if you flag it in advance? I was by no means complaining. I was quite amused by it.

It was a high point in my relations with a very self-involved, dual PHD, genetic engineering CEO, cousin; when I dropped a classic Onion article in front of him at a family gathering. "[URL=""]Pope Forgives Molested Children[/URL]." He is actually fairly liberal, so a storm of [B]"SPUT SPUTTTING"[/B] ensued, as in "What is there to forgive?!?!"
It was just precious.

ewmayer 2017-08-30 01:21

o [url=]Somehow, the NYT’s Maggie Haberman Used Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Smear Bernie Sanders. Seriously[/url] | Paste

And on the fake-news/fact-checking-the-fact-checkers front:

o [url=]Snopes, the internet’s foremost fact-checking website, may die in a messy legal battle[/url] | Vox

Dr Sardonicus 2017-08-30 13:55

[QUOTE=ewmayer;466634]o [url=]Snopes, the internet’s foremost fact-checking website, may die in a messy legal battle[/url] | Vox[/QUOTE]

It seems that Proper Media got half the shares in Snopes as a result of a divorce. Quoting the above story:[quote]Snopes was founded in 1994 by a husband-and-wife team, David and Barbara Mikkelson. The Mikkelsons eventually started a parent company for the site, which they named Bardav.

The Mikkelsons divorced in 2015, and David and Barbara each received 50 percent of the company. [...] The next year, in 2016, Barbara Mikkelson sold her half of Bardav to Proper Media, dividing it among Proper Media’s five individual shareholders.[/quote]

The most recent news stories I found about the case were in the San Diego Union-Tribune dated August 4 [url=]Snopes is owed money, but question remains over how much[/url]

and August 23: [url=] victorious in pre-trial motions[/url]

[quote]Additional hearings for the case, Proper Media LLC vs Bardav Inc, are scheduled for October.[/quote]

kladner 2017-09-09 04:23

Kid tells InfoWars reporter he’s ‘a f*cking idiot’
Info Wars counts as Mainstream, now. Right? :unsure:
[QUOTE]Aside from [B]Alex Jones[/B], reporters for his outlet InfoWars probably have some of the most punchable faces in all of online media. Unfortunately, there’s no video of InfoWars reporters getting punched in the face, but this is the closest we can get for now.

This Wednesday, [URL=""][I]The Alex Jones Channel[/I][/URL] uploaded video highlights of reporter Owen Shroyer’s “storied career,” showing a mashup of his on-the-street interviews. One portion of the video shows a young girl doing what should be done to every employee of Jones’ conspiracy-laden race-baiting fake news organization.

Shroyer approached the girl and says, “How are you, young man?”
The girl takes a moment, then looks Shroyer in the face and replies, “Um…you’re a f*cking idiot.”


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