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firejuggler 2022-03-10 18:08

Thank you ,chalsall. Even 4 factor will help.

petrw1 2022-03-10 18:15

[QUOTE=chalsall;601449]OK... Just quickly...

I did the "magic" to prioritize the 15.6M range where B2<2,500,000. This should result in 234 candidates taken up to 74 within a few days (with ~4 likely "hits" (read: factor found)).

Then, 16.2M will get some TLC balanced with 15.6M until we get both beasts under control.


As always, people can select other, specific ranges they want to work.[/QUOTE]


15.2 is another orphan range that needs TF.

masser 2022-03-13 04:16

[QUOTE=alpertron;600439]After 21 days, there are less than 2000 to go.[/QUOTE]

Now 1000 to go! (about 19.5 days for the last 1000; the final 1000 should take a little longer - 40 days?)

petrw1 2022-03-13 21:43

Are you lmost ready for the follow-up?
Let's finish this project in April.

Then for those who want to keep finding buckets of factors for low exponents with v30.8 check this out.
This link is to post #60 ... the meat and potatoes of the next project.
Feel free to read the entire thread if you're interested in the background discussions.

petrw1 2022-03-14 03:40

you guys are quick!!!
Someone can have 19.4M.

We can give 15.0M, 15.2M and 16.2M a couple more weeks TF.

@axn: Do you want more TF for 16.2M ... you'll be there soon with P1.

axn 2022-03-14 17:46

[QUOTE=petrw1;601708]@axn: Do you want more TF for 16.2M ... you'll be there soon with P1.[/QUOTE]

Yes, I would like for it to be done to 74. I will keep crunching P-1 in parallel. Any factor found is ~15 tests saved. A dozen or so TF factors would be much appreciated!

petrw1 2022-03-17 16:38

[QUOTE=Luminescence;601384]Let's go for the lower ones. 15.1M up next.[/QUOTE]


3 unclaimed:

15.0M 76
15.2M 78
19.4M 62

Luminescence 2022-03-17 17:44


3 unclaimed:

15.0M 76
15.2M 78
19.4M 62[/QUOTE]

15.0M it is.

We're running out of ranges now :razz:

petrw1 2022-03-17 18:54

[QUOTE=Luminescence;601946]We're running out of ranges now :razz:[/QUOTE]

Going out of business sale, get them before they're gone!!!!


axn 2022-03-20 02:21

@chalsall, @petrw1:

Can we simplify the twok table by collapsing all the 1M sub-tables into a single big one with just one header and one "Totals"? I don't see much value in the sub tables, now that there are so few ranges left; I'd rather save the screen real estate and view everything nice and compact (and without scrolling!).


EDIT:- While we're asking for stuff, dark mode?

petrw1 2022-03-20 23:19

All hands on deck 15.2 ... TF that is...
If I may suggest...someone will be asking to P1 15.2M in a week or 2.

I don't think any other range needs any more TF to finish this project.

Ok there was also a request for TF for 15.6.

And maybe 19.4

Did I miss any?

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