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pinhodecarlos 2018-08-14 14:30

I'm suspecting the issue is with msieve since I can post-process 29-bit and 30-bit tasks. I'm trying another one but from the 14e queue, C173_386xx483_19.

fivemack 2018-08-15 08:07

F1971 complete
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Tue Aug 14 19:26:32 2018 p111 factor: 326554894905244793269029440441379031546613609985475896512057344254444566142785833568460020719718933951945511437
Tue Aug 14 19:26:32 2018 p146 factor: 11635814916624504513129807843199655753846270472077798470747222664521749742876026075449101863977627279192170432601932264221389796563784606075997913

121 hours for 20.83M density-130 (132 didn't work) matrix on 10 cores Xeon Silver 4114; block size 4096, VBITS=256.

Log attached and at [url];[/url] Marin and factordb informed.

fivemack 2018-08-15 08:16

L5355A complete
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Tue Aug 14 23:40:41 2018 p77 factor: 15692803426713556117804708935743066295896284203346802197342091859484159167331
Tue Aug 14 23:40:41 2018 p115 factor: 3881121272897503807724855158994795845747604285796227445328612969284680042203537507851748248688514223064843164021631

About 407.2 hours on 10 cores Xeon Silver 4114, msieve-svn993 so default vector length, default block size, for 31.44M matrix at density 124 (126 didn't work)

Log attached and at [url][/url]. Marin and factordb informed.

fivemack 2018-08-21 23:44

Taking Fib(1381)

RichD 2018-08-24 16:55

Taking Lucas(4035).

pinhodecarlos 2018-08-26 10:21

Just a heads up, I did release L2785B.

VictordeHolland 2018-08-26 10:50

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Fibonacci 1445 factors as:

[code]p86 factor: 40562861651727393227582583755423301101005117367388908136217315748721528533733846677861
p142 factor: 5894188758100488163688068887451574525553121218589685133172850316781473575844007961804183964912924282308995514773089829964605386287839603534181[/code]21.4M matrix
LA took approximately 432h on 4 threads on a i7 3770 @3.5GHz

Factors reported to factordb, (truncated) log at [URL][/URL] and attached.
I also mailed the factors to Marin.

VictordeHolland 2018-08-26 10:52

[QUOTE=pinhodecarlos;494715]Just a heads up, I did release L2785B.[/QUOTE]
I'll take L2785B next.

RichD 2018-08-27 17:20

Lucas(4035) larger Aurifeuillian factor
[CODE]p73 factor: 1486248350135475096438885882642549314867419938611892697496983205758845571
p131 factor: 37402168450102636007495244437983341340258631536880696757846736262598077378855465531049415264487149314380396521581641990249804865961[/CODE]
212.3M unique relations built a 7.2M matrix using TD=128 (TD=132 failed).
Solve time about 31 hours. (-t 4).

Log at: [url][/url]

VictordeHolland 2018-08-28 08:34

L2785B in LA
[QUOTE=pinhodecarlos;493865]Here's my problem with L2785B, see attachment to access full msieve log file. Errors on every relation!!
It does have a couple of hundred errors reading relations, but that is quite normal with relations from the 14e or 15e queue. It filters just fine here with Msieve SVN1022 (lacuda branch, VBITS=128). Maybe something went wrong with your compile? Do you have a stable connection while downloading the relations, do you unzip the relations yourself or do you use Msieve with zlib?

L2785B in is LA, 13.5M matrix (ETA 2018-09-02)

RichD 2018-08-29 23:38

Taking Lucas(2040).

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