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johnadam74 2016-01-01 03:10

PRPNet server for personal use
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I'm trying to compile PRPNet under Lubuntu linux 15.10 and I'm getting the error message: makefile:15: ***missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?)

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I don't see any tabs on line 15 with the if command.

I appreciate any help that you can provide me.



Batalov 2016-01-01 09:32

For the first quick test, put "#" in 1st column of line 15.
If the error will change then your system's make command doesn't know how to use line 15.
(For the record, I don't know what line 15 does.)

rogue 2016-01-01 15:58

In a makefile, if you have a continuation of a command (using the \ symbol) the next line must start with a tab. In this case you need to remove those spaces and add a tab, which you should be able to do with vi.

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