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phillipsjk 2021-07-01 06:22

Is the heatwave hurting throughput?
I currently have No computers working on GIMPS at the moment: in part due to a historic heatwave.

One was down due to an upgrade, and the other was moved for pest mitigation, but the third did not report in on the morning of June 30th. It is a quad AMD Opteron 6272 with a max operating temperature of 30C (set to run only at night when the outside temperature is normally lower than that -- currently the outside temp matches that at 11PM when the machine turns on). I also held off getting the other two number crunching again due to the heat.

If the [URL=""]weather forecast[/URL] holds, all 3 should be able to report in on about Tuesday, July 6th.

kriesel 2021-07-01 16:43

[URL=""]Graphs[/URL] of various measures don't seem to me to show a recent heat wave related dip large enough to detect there. There was a result dip in early June. I'm resorting to idling less-power-efficient CPUs and GPUs, deeper into the fleet than usual for summer.

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