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10metreh 2009-04-04 13:57

What are you using to run your sequences?
I decided to post this poll as a couple of alternatives to aliquot.ub have been posted recently and one (aliqueit) has gained its own hot thread, so I wanted to see how many people have converted.

By "Syd's database", I do not mean that you submit your sequences here and use the workers, but that you use it to calculate iterations.

schickel 2009-04-05 08:11

To clarify, I use Dario's applet to churn lines and cut out the small factors. Then I load stuff that's >98 digits or so into an ECM server; the smaller stuff gets run through msieve. Anything that survives some ECM work gets run through NFS. Right now I'm running only one NFS box, but I'm starting to seriously look toward adding some more to the stable.....

I use aliquot.ub for any downdriver runs that drop below 100-digits, just because of inertia. And I only run auto on small numbers because I share the PC between automated runs and NFS jobs, with two full-time ECM boxes.....

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