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Stargate38 2016-11-18 22:33

WHERE to get this book for <$100?!
[URL=""]This book[/URL] has been on my Christmas wishlist since I learned about its existence, but everyone I know of says that I could get other things with that much money. Can someone please tell me where to get it cheaper than that? Even though it's extra rare (hence "Limited Edition"), the price is still ridiculous! I could get the entire Stargate series (SG-1 + Atlantis + Universe) on DVD with that much money! Why would someone charge that much money for a rare book?

VBCurtis 2016-11-18 23:57

If you owned it, how much would you sell it for? What if you were pretty sure that selling your copy meant you would not be able to replace it later?

If you really don't understand why the asking price is what it is, I suggest you do some wiki reading about supply and demand. But I think what you mean to ask is "will it ever be cheaper than it is now, or should I accept this price because it's only going to get more valuable?" It would get cheaper if it gets reprinted, but odds are that if it's limited edition on purpose, that won't happen.

Thanks to Ebay and its ilk, you can purchase the book, enjoy it, and resell it for roughly what you paid for it. That's not so expensive!

S485122 2016-11-19 07:57

" More Buying Choices : 7 New from $389.99 5 Used from $724.50"

You see that second hand it is even more expensive.

"This deluxe, 244-page edition includes 5 hand-signed, archival-quality giclée prints by Howard Chaykin, Tom Jung, Roger Kastel, Drew Struzan, and Boris Vallejo, as well as 40 exclusive artworks. Featuring foil-stamped, real-cloth binding and housed in a lush clamshell case, this edition is limited to 325 copies."

Enough exclusive and other features to justify the price in the eyes of amateurs of star wars paraphernalia.


jasong 2016-11-20 01:17

What if you bought the book and did high-detail scans of each page? Most of the book's value is in it's rarity.

I'm curious to know what the rights-holders would do if someone tried to give away electronic scans of the book online.

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