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Xyzzy 2011-02-07 04:15

Best church sign?
Is anybody up to the task?


A fun sequence:


Zeta-Flux 2011-02-07 04:22

While a graduate student at Berkeley, there was a church we would pass on the way to our church. Its name: All Souls Parrish.

retina 2011-02-07 04:43

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Getting this one out since it is obvious

davieddy 2011-02-07 05:18

Jesus saves...
but Maradonna scores on the rebound.

retina 2011-02-13 16:11

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jasonp 2011-02-13 16:54

There is a town a short drive away in a 'dry county', i.e. where alcohol is not sold. I remember seeing a sign in front of one of the local churches that said (I swear, to reprise Dave Barry, that I am not making this up):

"The only thing better than a Christian heart is a Christian liver"

This to me is an incitement to cannibalism. Though I admit mine may be the minority opinion.

retina 2011-02-13 17:11

[QUOTE=jasonp;252349]"The only thing better than a Christian heart is a Christian liver"[/QUOTE]Except, of course, for Jesus's liver. What with all that wine he was always drinking.

[size=1]A bit of liver with fava beans, goes will together.[/size]

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