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jasong 2006-09-09 00:07

Playstation 3 as cruncher discussion.
For reasons I choose not to mention, because they annoy people, I am really gungho about the possibility of the Cell processor as a cruncher. To start things out, I would ask the following question. Please fill in the blanks if the question is ignorant in any way.

I am concerned about whether or not there will be a good amount of crunching software for the PS3. In terms of the factoring programs, do you guys think it will be easy, hard, or impossible, to compile PS3 versions? Mostly, I am concerned about the possibility of running an ecm client that contacts a server.

Mystwalker 2006-09-09 13:48

Well, there will be a [url=]Folding@home client for the PS3[/url]. So chances are good that it is possible to port other DC projects, although the effort for an efficient port could be pretty high.

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