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Primeinator 2009-06-03 20:47

Old Assignment
Hello all... I apologize for my absence from GIMPS over the last half-year or so, but events were unforeseen. I recently (today) updated to version 25 but did not quite follow the upgrade instructions properly as when I ran version 25 I did not paste the worktodo.ini files (from both of my cores) to the new worktodo.txt file. However, I assume this is probably a good thing as the work I had accumulated (I always set to keep 90 days) was late in being completed...and probably should have been returned to the server as the Prime95 was not running for nearly six months. So, my question is were these assignments already returned or do I need to do it manually? Should I just continue with the new assignments? Thanks and I apologize for my bad English; this email was composed in haste.

Primeinator 2009-06-03 20:50

Now that I think of it... it did probably not pass on my old information from my Server Version 4 account to my new one.

joblack 2009-06-03 21:23

[quote=Primeinator;175782]Now that I think of it... it did probably not pass on my old information from my Server Version 4 account to my new one.[/quote]

They will most probably be moved to another account (or are still free). If you have written your exponents you can reassign them ... your progress will be lost.

Brian-E 2009-06-04 12:06

You can check on the current status of the exponents which were assigned to you by going to [URL][/URL] and clicking on the small black icon to the left of "Results Queries" in the column on the left of the page, and then click on "Exponent Status".

It may tell you that the exponent is assigned to "Anonymous" which, I believe, refers to a user who has not updated their client and transferred to the V5 server. This is less helpful because you won't know if you are that user or not. So even better, assuming you have successfully created your account on the V5 server, is to log in on that webpage and look at the details it gives you, maybe clicking on "Assigned by worktype", to see your own assignments.

Primeinator 2009-06-04 22:35

I managed to link one part of my Version 4 account to my Version 5 account; however, I do not think that it gave me all the credit for the work I have done in the past few years. Additionally, I do not think it linked work that I had put going on an additional computer (still running version 4) that I do not have immediate access to but is registered under the same Version 4 user name. However I do not know how to return the previous exponents that I was running under version 4 that have probably already been returned to the server as my computer has done no work on them for months. I checked the four exponents that I have not worked on in some time and found the following: 2 are assigned to anonymous, 1 is assigned to a specific user name and 1 indicates there is an unverified Lucas-Lehmer test. Is there any further action on my part required? Thanks.

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