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jasong 2006-08-18 19:43

Looking for help in running ecm server. Not very confident.
Lately I've been jumping around from project to project, looking for something I can really sink my teeth into. Math related, of course, which is the reason I'm posting here.

I was hoping I could get some general advice on running the server, although I'm not even sure if the server program given in the ElevenSmooth package is what I need. I have exactly one dual-core computer, and I'm simply looking to set some rules and let it rip.

I intend to get about 100 values right above 3 million in the Riesel Sieve project and run ecm on them, just to see how well I could do.

I've managed to get the server running in a DOS box, but I'm not confident about my ability to set up the clients. Am I off my rocker or, since the clients are on the same network, and computer even, being served, is the IP address 127.0.0.x, or am I mistaken?

Edit: When I enter the following address:


I get redirected to an advertisement. I haven't downloaded any suspicious files lately, so I'm not sure what's going on.

rogue 2006-08-18 20:07

I don't know where you got that link, but there has been a new version out for a couple of years. You can get it from my website at:


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