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lidocorc 2008-11-06 14:39

Why trial factoring work chopped into chunks?
My computer is doing trial factoring of exponents in the range around 58 million. S485122 posted in the "Math" subforum (31 Oct 08) these exponents are intended to be scanned for factors up to 2^70.

Why do I get factorization work in little chunks, say "58123456,64,65" and not "58123456,64,70"? If a factor were found, factoring would terminate anyway.

Konrad Remus

Mini-Geek 2008-11-06 14:44

I think that's because of the way PrimeNet v5 has TF reported. It's reported after each bit level is done.

Uncwilly 2008-11-06 14:49

It decreases the likelyhood that any one machine will slow down progress. It also helps to minimize the amount of work done that doesn't get reported if there is a problem.

petrw1 2008-11-06 16:29

What happened to me is when I upgraded a P III 866 Mhz (that had been doing TF in v4) I got a message saying it was TOO SLOW for TF and moved me to the TF-LMH option which TFs to low bit levels. It is getting similar assignments either in the 58M or 200M range but only to 63 or 65 bits.

SO instead of a 68 or 70 bit TF taking 10 days I am not going to get 63 or 65 bit TF taking less than a day.

S485122 2008-11-06 18:48

The reason everybody gets little chunck assigments now is that the TF range round 50,5MB is still reserved for the v4 server, the same goes for LL tests, there are stilll a lot of 42 or 43 MB to be assigned but they are assigned to the v5 server, idem for double checking. When George returns from holidays he will take care of that and some other things. He will be quite busy for a long time !


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