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hhh 2008-10-10 09:11

Five or Bust
Well, I got used to the incontournable David Hasselhoof subforum, but yet, there is another intriguing novation. Password protected and strange. The Dual Sierpinki Problem. Is this some kind of marketing gag, is someone keeping his private diary on the forum, or is it some virus set free from some welll intended Prime Search Facility?

Any explication would be appreciated (I still remember the trauma in my youth when the ads read: "ES ist zurueck." or the like).


philmoore 2008-10-10 15:26

I just started setting up the forum yesterday, and will unlock it as soon as I get some files uploaded. It will be a continuation of the search described in 2002 by Payam Samidoost at [URL=""]The dual Sierpinski problem search[/URL].


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