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swellman 2020-01-01 13:31

2020 15e post processing reservations and results
A new thread for 2020.

fivemack 2020-01-06 22:04

F1459 progressing
pineapp+ 30651 29686 99 11505538 45052856 12 08:54 pts/11 Rl+ 9518:25 /home/nfsworld/msieve-svn-20190823/msieve-MP-V256-SKL -v -nc2 -t 14

linear algebra completed 839221 of [b]51257400[/b] dimensions (1.6%, ETA 699h55m)[/code]

ETA 5 February. I think this is about as big as we can sensibly go at 15e:

992294513 relations
991199455 usable
679822896 unique
511124251 after singleton removal

That's from 100M-850M, so yield of 1.3r/Q, 0.9 unique r/Q.

Did manage to build a matrix from 629723855 unique, but it was a bit cumbersome:
Fri Jan 3 00:14:09 2020 weight of 60006039 cycles is about 6961061087 (116.01/cycle)

In a fit of optimism I'm doing a polynomial search for L4235A log(N)=200.07

VBCurtis 2020-01-06 22:15

Dropping 14% from the matrix size from just 50M more unique relations sounds pretty good! I wonder if 25M more unique relations would have meaningfully helped the matrix; 50M is for me kind of a hard line where I really want more relations to not face something bigger, but you're already stretching the tools, as you noted.

I'd like to do a GNFS-200 on 15e, just because it's a Big Round Number. Perhaps a hybrid of offline 16e (or CADO) up to Q=100M, combined with 15e queue from 100M up.

VBCurtis 2020-01-16 05:39

On L4365, I'm getting "filtering wants 1M more relations" after one pass of in-memory singleton removal with TD set to 90. I have 197.2M unique relations and 75.3M duplicates.

May I have another 10MQ? Or 20?

swellman 2020-01-16 15:17

[QUOTE=VBCurtis;535199]On L4365, I'm getting "filtering wants 1M more relations" after one pass of in-memory singleton removal with TD set to 90. I have 197.2M unique relations and 75.3M duplicates.

May I have another 10MQ? Or 20?[/QUOTE]

Added 20M to the Q range.

VBCurtis 2020-01-21 23:11

[QUOTE=swellman;535226]Added 20M to the Q range.[/QUOTE]

That was sufficient- TD 100 failed in final merge, but TD 84 produced a 29.9M matrix, which will take 2 weeks to solve. 205.6M unique relations.

Batalov 2020-01-22 02:25

I can LA 33331_267.

swellman 2020-01-27 21:25

C233_M13_k99 Factored
p74 factor: 63146266403491097505456958543771519866531286235829049932705522770396114797
p159 factor: 502359711161757421016410192688166297917171056378426903635199335536365634437389348511892855963909336883092645357270193940562520137791470938242506382255079415667

289.6M raw / 238.2 unique relations. Details at [url][/url].

VBCurtis 2020-02-03 17:55

L4365b is complete:
[code]p86 factor: 25822548244299880006391249505592569731337769069672690296006992583112443319353229235941
Mon Feb 3 09:48:13 2020 p125 factor: 76097052239250743628646066953269717664413797368576928648747487396621406664383446306987339367155281257014361063842022979551961

Sieving this quartic job from Q=40-440M yielded 209M unique relations, and a 29.2M matrix at TD 90 which took ~260hr to solve on 10 cores of Ivy Bridge.

Log at [url][/url]

I can do the matrix on L4635A when ready.

fivemack 2020-02-13 07:35

F1459 done
Wed Feb 12 23:55:48 2020 p77 factor: 27699165354693819016801075486232972683723699059340461464932398144896384968753
Wed Feb 12 23:55:48 2020 p123 factor: 138045480967182100682657375185450702724737432877108829119835497270093124360933783400049080678451873650763452274375127767069

991199455 legible input relations; 679822896 after duplicate removal, 511124251 after initial singleton removal. Matrix built at density 132, failed at 134.

37.4 days on 14 cores i9/7940X for 51.26M matrix (brief pause in the middle due to electrical works, after which to my surprise the -ncr ran at 2/3 the speed of the previous half's work)

fivemack 2020-02-17 07:10

ETA for F1645 is 11 March: 46.9M matrix

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