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antiroach 2003-07-06 21:35

I'd like to help out
E-mail takes too long so i've decided to post my 15k here :) (i hope thats not a problem) I would like to take 15k = 949473525. I'll go upto around n=130K and if I find some primes I may just continue it further.

TTn 2003-07-06 22:05

Ok, I will reserve 949473525 for you then.
Great to have a new member!
Good luck its a good candidate.

Shane F.

Nuri 2003-07-06 23:34

Welcome and good luck.

antiroach 2003-07-07 00:39

wow, thanks :). good luck to you too.

antiroach 2003-07-07 00:42

oh i just looked on the "member" page and see you have L? next to my name. you can fill that in with L17 :)

TTn 2003-07-07 01:50

You must find a prime first before you are assured your prover code L17.
Someone else may grap L17 first, before you find a prime, though it is not that likely.
If your are using just LLR full time, with a 1.6Ghz or higher, you will most likely find a couple or a few primes this week.
If you search n=110000--->n=155000, properly using expert instructions.

Some people have slower computers or, are using multiple softwares like prime95, proth, etc, or only run their computers part-time.

I will keep up to date on your first prime, which allows you a prover code from Chris Caldwell.

Thanks again!
Prime hunter.

antiroach 2003-07-07 07:46

hrmm im confused then. i signed up for a prover code online and i set up my account and everything. My prover code is L17. Am i supposed to get some sort of "team" prover code since the 15K search is a team effort or what do I have to do to get everything straightened out?

P.S: I only have a p3 600 and a celeron 1.4. hope thats good enough :)

TTn 2003-07-07 08:50

As far as I know Chris will not give a prover code until a prime is found.
He is changing some things so maybe this is one of those things.
Within 24 hrs I will see, your code if so, and will link to it when it appears.

A p3 600 and a celeron 1.4. is still good enough.

Nuri 2003-07-07 21:03

If I recall the procedures correctly, L17 prover code will be reserved for you for 60 days. If you submit at least one new prime within that time, it'll become yours. If not, :( ....

[quote]The information you provide will be stored, but will not appear as a wer page until you actually have primes on the list. It will also be deleted if you do not add primes within 60 days of filling out this form. [/quote]

As far as the group code is concerned, I'd recommend you to wait until your first prime is added to the 5000 database, and then e-mail Chris Caldwell to add 15k*2^n-1 search and Paul Jobling's NewPGen to your profile.

TTn 2003-07-08 05:28

Good call Nuri!
Thanks I didnt see that. :D

SB2 2003-07-11 22:40

I also would like to join in, e-mail sent last night, but decide posting here may be faster. If no one else has reserved 15k = 373065, w = 3.37/5933
I would like to have a shot at it.

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