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azhad 2004-10-16 08:49

Choosing amount of memory
I noticed that the memory value to use in the torture test does not cause a lot of swapping when doing a custom torture test. My system has 256MB RAM and the custom torture test default value is 159MB. I noticed in Task Manager that it takes 153,xxx K of memory (for 1792 FFT). Prime95 uses 93-99% CPU.

If I entered 168, the system would swap and the CPU would be busy swapping giving prime95 0-33% of CPU.

My Qs:
1. Is 159MB the optimal amount of RAM to use for my system?

S80780 2004-10-16 10:28

It seems so, yes.

moo 2004-10-16 16:41

256 is actually good when u start but if ur gonna game on it or do fun things that are intensive 256 will proibily want to be upgraded to 512 and then 768

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