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kar_bon 2009-07-04 12:50

[QUOTE=10metreh;179749]Karsten, 157752 is reserved by D. Stevens (aka henryzz). You seem to have missed it out.[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=Mini-Geek;179754]Let's do some reservations to help make the work filling in the DB a bit more orderly:
Reserving 122540-130k (122540 is the first after Karsten's indicator on the page)
Now if anybody wants to help work on it while I'm still not up to 130k, you can just start at 130k. :smile:
Edit: Do we need to do anything when the DB has a newer status than your page? e.g. [URL=""]123450[/URL][/QUOTE]

cool, thanks!

no, nothing you can do.
when i'm processing through the summary i'll update it there.

so i'll continue from n=130k!

PS: if anybody finds a higher range in the database other than in the summary (only for the checked ones, not reserved ones, so n<122k) please post here!

Mini-Geek 2009-07-04 13:32

I finished the work for my reservation, now I'm waiting for the DB to finish processing it all so I can double check that it's all in there and processed without any squared line bugs or anything. :smile:
That'll take a while...(the processing, I mean)
I'll take 130k-140k.

Here's a good way I found to do it, it's pretty efficient: (for you or anyone else that might not be doing it very quickly)

Keep these open:
Karsten's summary, the alq index, the Report Factors page, and a command line window at alq2elf's position.

Loop through until you finish: {
Loop through until you've got 5 windows open at the end of the loop: {
click the next item in Karsten's summary and compare the index, and if the index matches then the composite size
if the index is already correct, make sure the composite is correct, and close the window
if it's not, leave the window open
download the 5 alq's to your alq2elf location
run alq2elf on each
use the batch file upload at the Report Factors page to begin uploading them all

kar_bon 2009-07-04 13:38

ok, continue with n>130k then.

i'm just checking/updating at n=125k!

that's what i'm doing:
- open the summary page as html and text file
- click a seq
- update the textfile

after all is done, upload the new html!

oh, yeaaaahh, i know,.... by php it would be a 'little' bit faster :grin:
but who will write that?

Mini-Geek 2009-07-04 14:21

130k-140220 done, (accidentally went 2 farther than 140k) waiting for processing. I made this batch file:
alq2elf %1
alq2elf %2
alq2elf %3
alq2elf %4
alq2elf %5[/code]To use it, you can save it as e.g. dl.bat, then run e.g. "dl 139650 139830 139854 140184 140220" and it will download and convert (but not upload) those 5. Note that this must take exactly 5 inputs, and alq2elf and wget must be available from that folder. Made in Windows XP, should work in Linux, too, with little to no tweaking. It's only been used/tested once, (I made it near the end of my range) but seemed to work just fine. :smile: Plus it's dead simple...there's not too much to go wrong besides you typoing a number. Anyone know if a command using wget could be used to upload the file as well? I wouldn't want to use aliqueit's upload function because uploading this much in the foreground would take forever!

I'll take 140k-150k, too. I wonder how long this backlog is going to take to clear out...

kar_bon 2009-07-04 14:31

found a 'missing' seq: 126600 is on Frank's page as ALQ-file but not listed in the status-file i used to compile the summary-page.

i uploaded this file, too, and inserted in the summary page (upload later today).

Mini-Geek 2009-07-04 16:02

140k-150k complete (only took me 25 minutes for the 93 sequences! that's an average of about 16 seconds/sequence :showoff:)
150k-160k reserved

kar_bon 2009-07-04 16:08

currently seq 128808 is primality-proofing by the workers, so don't overload the database 'entrance'! :grin:

Mini-Geek 2009-07-04 16:39

150k-160k complete.
160k-180k reserved.

kar_bon 2009-07-04 16:45

so you will finish the next 'minutes' to n=200k!!!

i've uploaded the current summary pages with some blue marked seqs, to remind me they have to be uploaded when i got the chance to do so!

kar_bon 2009-07-04 17:54

tried to update further, but this issue occurs:

while primality-proofs for seqs in the n=140k range is done, many seqs smaller than these are not yet in the database!

i've uploaded the current 100k-page.

please, Timothy, check this: all seqs for 129k < n < 132k without todays date are not in the database yet!
perhaps i have to wait much longer? or these were not correctly submitted or inserted in the database, because of so much amount of income!?

Mini-Geek 2009-07-04 18:29

[quote=kar_bon;179786] please, Timothy, check this: all seqs for 129k < n < 132k without todays date are not in the database yet!
perhaps i have to wait much longer? or these were not correctly submitted or inserted in the database, because of so much amount of income!?[/quote]
Hm...I'm not sure. If they don't get processed after the rest finish, I'll resubmit them. I still have all the .elf files that were downloaded and converted. Those files appear to be in good condition. I just resubmitted the first 5 after your break point (129k), and then resubmitted the first one (129168), still using the file upload form, and 129168 got processed right after the current seq finished processing, the rest haven't been processed yet. I don't know what's up.

It'd be nice to see a queue for queued up files/factors with, if known, what sequence or special form it's from. A Run Now button would be good too. Also, it'd be good if other workers, or at least multiple cores on the server, could be assigned to process ranges and verify the factors, or whatever the server does.

By the way, I'm done through 170k, paused a while ago, resuming soon.

127980 has the first 6 columns in green, then the last in teal. Also it's only at index 406 in the DB.

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