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VBCurtis 2019-03-14 04:11

1890-1925 complete, no primes.

VBCurtis 2019-08-13 21:04

1960-1990 complete, no primes.

Reserving 1990-2M, since it seems silly to leave 10k unfinished.

VBCurtis 2019-09-10 17:49

A prime:
599589 digits.

VBCurtis 2020-04-25 00:04

8 months later, on a single core:
1990k-2M finished, 1 prime (see one post up).

This drive is complete! Until someone makes a sieve file for 2-3M....

kar_bon 2020-04-25 02:35

If needed I've made the 1000 files for every 1000 n-range from n=2M to 3M with 1008910 candidates all over in standard LLR format (header, sorted by n-value with all 21 k-values) from the latest PrimeGrid sieve files.

I've also created a page for this drive (raw data so far) with a sieve file available for n=2.0M-2.1M [url='']here[/url].

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