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dlsilver06 2020-10-04 00:32

Upgrade to 30.3
I see in the instructions for existing users "install the new version overwriting the previous version." Sorry for the tyro question, but how? I have 30.3 running on one machine OK, but had to merge two CPUs as I'd apparently created a new one by "installing" 30.3. Did not see an "overwrite" option anywhere. Do I download 30.3 and copy the .exe (and other unique file names) into my old 29.6 folder, deleting 29.6 exe, or?
Before I foul up the second machine running an 110M exponent, I'd like to do it right this time.

Uncwilly 2020-10-04 00:52

Make sure to stop and exit Prime95 or mprime completely. You can copy the .exe, the dlls, and the txt files right on top of the existing. Start the program. There are new menu options that you may want to set. Your test type (for future exponents) will convert to the new PRP version (if you are doing first time tests). You may want to select how much of the Cert work type you get.

dlsilver06 2020-10-07 02:47

Thanks, Uncwilly! I actually just stopped Prime95, then copied the backup & worktodo files into the 30.3 folder and restarted Prime95. Seemed to pick up the exponent in progress just fine.

kriesel 2020-10-07 07:19

That would not copy the system configuration files that prime95 generates, where it stores PrimeNet info, rolling average, etc
For efficient ways of upgrading one system, or several with a USB stick or network drive, see [URL][/URL]

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