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GSV3MiaC 2004-01-02 01:17

Updated Benchmarks
The benchmark page ([url][/url]) is now a year old (happy birthday!) .. can anyone comment on when we might see an update, with number for the latest P4 3.2, the Athlon 64, or even the 512KB cache (Barton) core Athlons?

I'm thinking about building a new machine, and Prime95 performance is of some (small, I admit) consideration .. Could go P4, Athlon 64, or dual-Athlon XP, all for similar prices.

sdbardwick 2004-01-02 09:45

[URL=]This thread[/URL] has some benchmarks that might be of interest. Please note that attention must be given to the version of the program generating the benchmarks. Reading the entire thread provides insight into the optimization/improvements made in each version of Prime95.

GSV3MiaC 2004-01-02 11:33

Thanks, I'd already looked at tht thread - I was hoping for soemthing which related to the latest (v23) client, and which comprehended the latest CPUs on offer .. all presented in the nice, easy to use, format of the exisitng 'benchmarks' web page
(which is excellent, just rather dated).

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