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Exahertz 2005-03-19 22:31

TCP Port Setup for Proxying?
I would like to set up a few machines to go through a firewall to contact the PrimeNet server. My sniffer traces show the Prime95 client contacting the PrimeNet server on TCP ports in the low 1000s (i.e. 1067,1119,1120,1121). How could I adjust the port number to (80, 443, etc.), one that is not blocked by a firewall? This would allow me to run continuous, automated (non-sneakernet) testing on PCs behind the firewall without requiring email intervention from George. (How)/Is this possible with a current version of Prime95, or is this functionality planned in a future release? Or, is there some other method of accomplishing this same goal without a dialup or open internet connection? :ermm:


Paulie 2005-03-20 05:17

Are you using a proxy server? Then you can follow the instructions in the readme.txt file that comes with Prime95.

Or are these machines in a DMZ or a firewall that blocks outbound established connections? You could create an rule to allow any outbound connection to the primenet server that is established from the internal interface.

Most firewalls now days NAT outbound, and include an established allow rule.

Hope this helps!

dsouza123 2005-03-20 14:35

You could try the following

Create the file
in the same directory/folder that has the other .ini files for Prime95

put in the following lines

additionally you could also add
which will produce more detailed information
on the attempt to communicate in prime.log

also this line

from the file UNDOC.TXT the description of parameter values.

where n is
0 for use relative URLs,
1 for use full URLs,
2 for try full URL and if an error is returned try a relative URL.
The default setting is 2.
Note that a full URL is always sent when using a proxy server.

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