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gd_barnes 2008-08-01 20:34


46-48 is still in progress, less than 100 tests but I won't be here at home in the next 4 hours to post the results. I hope you don't mind.


No problem. I had a power outage for 4 hours in the apartment I'm staying at last night so my sieving won't be done until 4-5 hours from now.

Micha, I won't be back to the apt. for > 12 hours so I'll send you the sieved file on Sat. morning.


em99010pepe 2008-08-02 01:05

46-48 done.


gd_barnes 2008-08-02 10:23

Sieving for n=50K-100K is complete to P=60G. I sent the file to Micha for sieving P=60G-100G. I will be sieving P=100G-150G or whatever optimal depth is for breaking off n=50K-75K.

It should take ~2-3 days on my sieve range unless optimal depth is much higher (unlikely).


michaf 2008-08-02 16:30

I have received the file, and am sieving away.
Results also expected in around 3 days.

michaf 2008-08-05 18:02

Factors for 60-100G sent to Gary (all 2578 of them)

gd_barnes 2008-08-05 20:46

[quote=michaf;138825]Factors for 60-100G sent to Gary (all 2578 of them)[/quote]

Very good. Thanks for the help. My 100G-150G range finished yesterday and 150G is past optimum sieve depth so I'll restart the drive for n=50K-75K within the next few hours.

I'll continue sieving n=75K-100K. Optimum depth on it will likely be not much more than P=200G-225G.

I'm thinking once we reach n=100K, we can do the same thing for k=50M-100M. For that range, I won't test n=25K-35K. We'll just start right in on a team drive at n=25K after sieving is done.

After completing k<100M for n=25K-100K, we can decide as a group how we want to attack both sides of base 3 from there.

I'm hoping that KEP will be done with k<500M on the Riesel side within the next month or so and we can attack that instead. I'll follow up with him and see where he is at.

I originally started the Sierp attack because it had a lower conjecture at the time. Subsequent programming and testing by others showed that the Riesel side has a lower conjecture. Therefore, maybe it makes more sense to attack the Riesel side once we complete the Sierp side to k<100M and n=100K.


gd_barnes 2008-08-05 21:28

The drive has now restarted for n=50K-75K. Files sieved to P=150G are now posted.

I will be sieving n=75K-100K further.


em99010pepe 2008-08-05 21:45

Taking 50-62 (12 files)

em99010pepe 2008-08-06 06:34

11785058 50252
46511144 56138
20856328 56338
34960988 56350

michaf 2008-08-06 16:59

Taking 62k-63k

em99010pepe 2008-08-06 18:05

48886226 51212
3938414 56779
10224166 59777

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