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ValerieVonck 2005-12-15 18:07

Update: k=3250995 is tested from 10K to 96300.
26 primes found :showoff:

Sieved until 125G
Gonna take this K up to ???

Cedric :geek:

ValerieVonck 2005-12-21 22:21

Tested 3250995 to 114832 (from 10k)
If anyone is interested in tha results, pm me for my mail adress.


Templus 2005-12-24 10:04

update on k=226005
k=226005 has been sieved for 217000<n<300000 at 445bn with 11200 tests left. It has been tested from 203000<n<217000 and no primes found.

k=226005 has been sieved for 1<n<203000 at 100 bn with 20000 tests left.
It has been tested from 1<n<63000 and 89 primes found!

I am currently testing it for 217000<n<300000.

NiceMedTexMD 2005-12-25 01:34

Reserving 4471935 :rolleyes:

ValerieVonck 2005-12-30 14:37

k= 234686595 CedricVonck [Reserved]

Gonna take this k from n = 10k to ?

Please un-reserve my previous K


grobie 2006-01-08 15:09

I am quitting K=850612425, tested from 10k to 275965k with only 100 primes 2 of which were reportable.

ValerieVonck 2006-01-15 18:10

Will also take k=360949875


Templus 2006-01-17 13:44

Taking also k=1386560175 and I release k=226005

Anyone who wants the sievefile (until 450bn) can PM me

Kosmaj 2006-01-17 19:04

A file with k=1785 values in the 361-400k range sieved to 386bn was kindly provided by Flatlander. The file was checked by Battlemaxx (L148) and John (L140) but they found no primes although 1785 looked promising since Flatlander found 7 primes in the 200-361k range.

grobie 2006-01-18 00:07

I suffered a setback, I just bought a new box and 3 weeks later the hard drive crashed, its going to be replaced by dell, but for my k=1222853775, I lost all testing and sieve file from n=10k to 250k, I think my testing was at approx. 176K. My second box is still testing 250k to 300k.
Should I sieve & test from my last prime or start at 175k. All of the llrresults are gone also.

Kosmaj 2006-01-18 03:02

Sorry to hear that :sad: Recently they are putting trash components in their ready-made boxes :yucky: , that's the only way to have some profit while keeping low prices. Just say no to those $499 or similar offers. That's why it's much better to build your own machine if you can, you don't need a lot of technical knowledge, but you need time to explore the web and find what's currently [I]the best bang for buck[/I].:wink:

You can continue from [I]k[/I] you think was checked most recently, 176k in your case. We don't collect result files from "choose your own k", so no problems there.

And finally congrats on your latest prime, from the same [I]k [/I]:smile: Bad news are often interlaced with good news.:cool:

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