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NiceMedTexMD 2005-12-07 02:39

right now i'm at 4.3 billion... the rate is 1 n every 2.4 seconds...


is that good?


lsoule 2005-12-07 02:41

That sound about right!

NiceMedTexMD 2005-12-08 19:32

right now on the k that I picked....

Sieved up to 126.6 billion, 1 n every 83.4 seconds...

How far do I need to go?

Mike... :mellow:

lsoule 2005-12-08 20:53

That depends on how long it takes for LLR to run on a candidate.
You can try running LLR on the input file that you have for just
one number. Keep sieving until sieving removes candidates slower
than LLR would and then switch over to LLR. My guess would be
keep sieving until one candidate is removed for every 100-150 seconds.

grobie 2005-12-08 22:34

Best thing to do is LLR the last n in your sieve file & note the time it takes. Then you will know how long to sieve

Flatlander 2005-12-08 22:39

If NewPGen is running (on idle priority) while you are speed testing with llr you will need to set the priority of llr to at least 3 so that it takes about 99% of CPU time thus giving you an accurate timing.


lsoule 2005-12-09 21:38

Reserving 759237765

NiceMedTexMD 2005-12-10 00:33

Reserving 7753875 please.. :)

going to try this on two machines for awhile.. with the holidays, work, etc..

Dr. Mike...


amphoria 2005-12-10 13:19

Reserving 5169615 please.


lsoule 2005-12-13 05:05

Reserving 1346178405 and 2037910875

grobie 2005-12-13 20:59

Reserving 1222853775

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