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imtroy703 2022-07-25 20:37

Apple iPad and running Prime-95 software
Does the Prime-95 software run on an Apple iPad?
I need to get another laptop, but wondering if I can go the cheapy route and just get the iPad. Also want to continue searching for # 52 Mersenne Prime.

Thanks all!

Uncwilly 2022-07-25 21:48

[B][U][COLOR="Red"]The heat generated might be too much for the machine.[/COLOR][/U][/B]

Can you run Linux on it? If you can you can run mprime. If not, there might be other options. Which model where you looking at?

retina 2022-07-25 21:49

P95 is for Windows on x86.

iPad is iOS on ARM.

You will need an emulator or VM to run P95 on iPad. It will be terrible, but probably doable, and probably not worth it.

Also, using a laptop is almost as equally useless IMO. They aren't exactly optimised for continuous running.

Uncwilly 2022-07-26 04:23

If it is an ARM, then mlucas is an option. The warning about heating up the device still applies.

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