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ixfd64 2014-12-31 07:14

"Start at Bootup" option didn't work on Windows XP machine?
I turned on one of my old Windows XP machines this morning as there was some work I needed to do on it. When I went to check the computer several hours later, I noticed Prime95 was not running. There was no crash message or anything. I checked the save files and noticed that they were last modified last night, which was when I last shut down the machine. This suggests Prime95 did not start when I powered on the computer this morning.

I figure it's not a big deal as this has only happen this one time, and Windows XP is a pretty old system anyway. But has anyone else encountered this issue before?

petrw1 2014-12-31 17:14

No hints here....sorry
I still have 2 old XP machines (due to be retired soon) and both have always worked flawlessly with Start at Boot-Up.

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