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gd_barnes 2022-08-01 05:09

Team drive #17: k=400-600 n=2M-3M
This is team drive #17 for No Prime Left Behind. We will be searching all k=400-600 for n=2M-3M.

A PRPnet server will be processing a large part of the range. See [URL=""]this thread[/URL] for information on our currently operating PRPnet servers. The info specific to this server that needs to be entered into your prpclient.ini file is:

Please report all primes found in [URL=""]Report all k<=1001 primes here[/URL] thread. For manual ranges, please report all reservations/statuses/completions for this drive in this thread, and post all results files in this thread or send them to Gary at: gbarnes017 at gmail dot com.

Please report all top-5000 primes with a project ID of 'NPLB'. Also credit the programs LLR, Psieve, and Srsieve.

New primes found from drive #17:
Prime found by
587*2^2175602-1 Luminescence
453*2^2165267-1 Luminescence
537*2^2153392-1 Luminescence
415*2^2153341-1 Luminescence
567*2^2146332-1 Luminescence
587*2^2142136-1 Luminescence
571*2^2141727-1 Luminescence
483*2^2136414-1 Luminescence
473*2^2130944-1 Luminescence
545*2^2122250-1 Luminescence
579*2^2116044-1 Luminescence
571*2^2113491-1 Luminescence
523*2^2098043-1 Luminescence
435*2^2089948-1 Luminescence
423*2^2088102-1 Luminescence
405*2^2076673-1 Luminescence
585*2^2075384-1 Luminescence
501*2^2067915-1 brucemoreg
441*2^2067233-1 Luminescence
447*2^2063218-1 brucemoreg
477*2^2057225-1 Luminescence
589*2^2055877-1 Luminescence
551*2^2051922-1 Luminescence
541*2^2049193-1 Luminescence
431*2^2043666-1 Luminescence
425*2^2026610-1 Luminescence
559*2^2023437-1 Luminescence
569*2^2021884-1 Luminescence
[/code][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=black]Primes confirmed from drive #17:[/COLOR][/FONT]
Prime found by
405*2^2152377-1 Luminescence
405*2^2137280-1 Luminescence
n-range tested by Status # primes
2100K-2200K PRPnet (G9000) in progress 12 (plus 2 confirmed)
2000K-2100K PRPnet (G9000) complete 16
[/code]All remaining known primes for this drive as of 2022/11/06:
[code](none)[/code]Let's go find some primes!


gd_barnes 2022-08-09 22:34

Drive #17 has now begun. PRPnet port 9000 is loaded and ready to go!

All times are UTC. The time now is 08:55.

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