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R.D. Silverman 2010-08-18 12:50

Wanted Lists
I would like to suggest that M1061 be placed on the next wanted list that
is released.

It is true that it is not among the first few holes, but it is an attractive target.

Furthermore, there is precedent. Both F9 and F10 were placed on the
lists long before they were first holes. They were also placed on the list
before we had the guaranteed ability to do them. We got lucky with F10,
but at the time it was put on the list it was beyond our ability to do it
with NFS.

Raman 2010-09-21 16:16

M1061 has appeared within the current "more wanted" lists,
that is being presently issued up with that page 119.

I want to know, whether you requested for that actually.

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