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jvang 2020-10-03 23:02

Perpetual Sale Thread
We get a lot of hardware coming through here as a result of ill-fated builds and impulsive decision-making, and I've been informed that I can make this sorta sale thread here. Soooooo hoping this stuff can go to someone who can use it! I'll try and keep this very up-to-date regarding transactions and such. I usually use Paypal Goods and Services for sales but accommodations may be able to be made, especially if you're an established member of this forum. Shipping/insurance costs are covered to the lower 48 US states, I ask that you cover any additional shipping costs or use a reshipper if you reside elsewhere.

Somewhat current album of timestamps [url][/url]

Bought this last week BNIB off of reddit an Ncase build. To my buddy's disappointment, it turns out that his 92mm air cooler ain't enough for it. Who woulda figured... Like new and comes in original packaging.

$510 shipped OBO

[B]Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master[/B]

Bought new a month and a half ago for use with a 3950x. Impressive board all around; metal backplate, 3x M.2 slots, 16 phase VRMs from the X570 Aorus Extreme, and 5000+mhz memory support. Has the most recent BIOS flashed. There is a small nick in the finish of the chipset heatsink cover, right next to the PCIE retention clip. Purely cosmetic and covered up by the GPU, but I figured I'd disclose that. Otherwise in great condition. Comes with all accessories, most of which are still in factory sealed baggies.

$250 shipped OBO

[B]G.Skill Ripjaws 4x32gb 3200c16[/B]

Bought new alongside the B550 Aorus Master as a full 128gb kit. Worked perfectly at XMP in that mobo. In like new condition.

$400 shipped OBO

[B]Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x8gb 3000C15, not RGB Pro[/B]

Got these used off of Reddit 2 weeks ago, one set is v5.30 Hynix AFR and the other is v4.31 Samsung B-die. In good cosmetic condition and they are fully functional. Would prefer to sell as a 4x8gb combo but if the AFR kit sells first I'm down to sell the B-die kit separately.

$135 shipped for both, $70 shipped OBO for the AFR kit, $85 shipped OBO for the B-die kit

[B]BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1200w Platinum[/B]

Bought new alongside the 3950x system. 1200w, platinum rated. In great condition, comes with all original cables and packaging. Keep in mind that the mobo ATX power cable is non modular for some strange reason.

$240 shipped OBO

[B]Corsair SF600 Gold
Bought BNIB off of reddit last week for a scrapped Ncase build. Like new condition, comes with all original cables and packaging.

$115 shipped OBO

$220 shipped OBO

[B]Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
My dad bought these a while back and has decided to stick with wired headphones. About 20-30 hours of use on them. In good working condition, no cosmetic damage. Comes with the carrying case and micro USB charging cable.

$150 shipped OBO

I'm always down for partial or full trades, or perhaps just buying stuff. Here's some stuff I'd be particularly interested in at the moment:

-- High end/good overclocking 2080ti (ftw3, strix, aorus, kingpin, etc.) or similar cards. In the woefully unlikely event that you have a 3080 I may be interested, though that'd likely be stretching my budget.

-- High quality 750w+ PSU. Ideally a platinum or titanium rated unit with transferable warranty left, but I'm flexible. If you have the RGB puke-adorned ROG Thor in either wattage I'm very interested.

-- Cheap celeron or pentium for a Z390. Troubleshooting a Maximus XI Gene and I ain't about to fry something nice trying lol. Something like a G4900 (40 bucks new on amazon) would be perfect, whatever's the cheapest cpu that works.

-- Noctua white chromax pads. I've got a bunch of IPPC A14s (big ol stack of 24) that have the brown pads, hoping someone somewhere has a big pile of maybe a few dozen/hundred white ones lol

-- Any other hardware, guitar pedals/stuff, I dunno. If you'd like to trade something that I don't have listed here for something I'm selling, feel free to message me with what you've got. In case it wasn't a bit obvious, I can be easily enticed with random goodies...

Thanks for looking, questions and comments are welcome!

Uncwilly 2020-10-04 00:40

Was looking at the Bose, but I checked the battery life. I am one of those people that need not "up to 10 hrs" but closer to 18. I use mine a lot with no facility to charge. Sorry.

Do you have any assembled "space heater" type boxen? Ones where the compute is not great, but would help keep the chill off in a room? Also, if you are turning out assembled boxen, are you putting an O/S on them? Maybe a Linux that has a GUI option.

jvang 2020-10-04 00:48

[QUOTE=Uncwilly;558814]Do you have any assembled "space heater" type boxen? Ones where the compute is not great, but would help keep the chill off in a room? Also, if you are turning out assembled boxen, are you putting an O/S on them? Maybe a Linux that has a GUI option.[/QUOTE]

I've got about everything for another couple of pcs, minus gpus. I've only listed maybe half of what I've got laying around so far lol. Enough for 2 almost complete Ryzen builds and 1 Intel build. Might not check the "not great" compute box for ya

jvang 2020-10-05 00:30

Thought Asus's refresh of their B450s was interesting: [url][/url]

If they keep the same price points those would be spectacular budget boards, one thing that led me to getting an x570 was the lackluster vrms and memory overclocking support on the b450 strix, as i think it only had a basic 4 phases and 3600mhz ram support. the refresh bumps the specs up to an 8 phase vrm, 4400mhz ram support, updated usb 3.2 (from 3.1) ports for doubled bandwidth, cpu-less bios flashback, and a larger bios rom. if they keep that at the original 130 bucks I might drop my x570-e for one as I paid 230 bucks for it and have no use for the pcie 4.0 yet. although i do prefer the looks and a few other features on the x570-e, and it'll support zen 3 on release. hmmmm....

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