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vasyannyasha 2018-12-05 11:04

Msieve error
Im using ggnfs with to factor 91-digit number.
After finding 100%+ relations i got this problem
[CODE]appending spairs.out.T0 to spairs.out
appending spairs.out.T1 to spairs.out
appending spairs.out.T2 to spairs.out
appending spairs.out.T3 to spairs.out
appending spairs.out to need.dat
compressing spairs.out to
Found 2025497 relations, 121.1% of the estimated minimum (1672000).
-> msieve153 -s ..\need.dat -l ..\need.log -i ..\need.ini -nf ..\need.fb -t 4 -n
integrator failed 1.#QNAN0e+000 1.#INF00e+000
Return value 255. Terminating...[/CODE]
Can anyone help with this?

VBCurtis 2018-12-05 16:49

If you use msieve alone, it'll factor by quadratic sieve and likely be faster doing so than

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