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Kosmaj 2005-10-29 00:10

New Project: Call for Discussion
All right, insted to waste time in empty discussions I suggest we start a new project here.

Until now we have been working on the following classes of k*2^n-1 primes:
1) 15k's that can produce many primes in the given range of exponent n.
2) small k<300,
3) low-weight k's

The question now is shall we have a single project where we can post all above primes, or 3 distinct projects.

We also need a name for the project. In another thread the following names were mentioned:

a) "High weight Riesel" [for class (1) above]
b) " prime search"
c) "Riesel Search"

Please post your opinion on the above, together with any other thoughts about the new project.


Citrix 2005-10-29 00:18

Please start a new sub-forum, instead of having new threads in this sub-forum. Talk to the admins for this. This will help keep things seperate in terms of which project is doing what. (What shane's 15K is doing and what your rieselsearch is doing)


Also I vote for rieselsearch as the name.

Cruelty 2005-10-29 09:19

Riesel Search reminds me Rieselsieve too much :no:
I'm for "b" although it is too long...

Thomas11 2005-10-29 09:28

I would vote for [B]Riesel Search[/B] too.
Though, it sounds a bit like [B]Riesel Sieve[/B], which could lead to some confusion...

Nevertheless, it would be a good description of the general aim of this project, namely the Search for Riesel primes, k*2^n-1. The several sub-projects could then be called:
(1) low weight Riesel Search
(2) small k Riesel Search
and, perhaps:
(3) 15k Riesel Search

A don't think that there is a need for different prover codes for each of the sub-projects, as long as they are covered by the overall project title (and aim).

-- Thomas

Flatlander 2005-10-29 10:07


Riesel Prime Search
Specialised Riesel Prime Search
Great Riesel Prime Search
Organised Search for Riesel Primes

Just watch those acronyms!

Kosmaj 2005-10-29 12:04

[B]Great Riesel Prime Search[/B] sounds great! :cool: But I'm not sure how many primes can we find (?) and is it really going to be great.

"Riesel Search" is too similar to "Riesel Sieve", I agree, and can cause confussion.

It will be nice if we can come up with a certain general name without any direct connection to primes...

Cruelty 2005-10-29 14:34

Maybe we could form a project name from the first letters of the nicks of it's first participants? I wouldn't go for anything with "great" in the name - we are starting from scratch here :smile:

Templus 2005-10-29 19:55

Whatever the name of the project will be, I'm with you guys! I'll be joining this Riesel-prime search.

I agree with Thomas11 to have a general name for the collection of projects (low-weight k, height-weight 15k, and k<300).

- Distributed Search for Rieselprimes
- Riesel all the Way (Jingle all the way :whistle: )

Flatlander 2005-10-29 21:06

You might get sued by Kellogg's but how about "Special K Search"

Kosmaj 2005-10-30 05:26

From the discussion so far I like the most the following two:

1) We name it now "Riesel Prime Search" and when/if we find our 100th prime we add "Great" at the beginning. [BTW, does anybody know when George Waltman started GIMPS was it named so from the beginning, or was "Great" added later?]

2) "Special Riesel Prime Search" (or "Specialized" ?), as we concentrate on special [I]k[/I]'s, either high or low weight, and small k's.

Can you please comment (vote?) on the above two, propose something completely new, or repeat (insist on) an earlier proposed name.

It will be nice if can decide on this by 8 a.m. EST (1300GMT) on Monday because we already have a prime, not reported yet, that can be reported using the new project name on Monday morning. (Assuming that I can contact prof. Caldwell by that time.)

Thomas11 2005-10-30 08:41

I like both of your suggestions, Kosmaj.
Perhaps, we should use the title "Riesel Prime Search" first and decide later if we will add something "Special" (or "Great") to the name...

And the acronym [B]RPS[/B] sounds indeed great to me!
Calling the sub-projects [B]RPS-low[/B], [B]RPS-heavy[/B], [B]small k RPS[/b], ...


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