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CEMPLLA Author 2015-09-15 18:30

CEMPLLA: An alternative to GIMPS ?
Hello All,

I'm brand new to this forum, so please forgive any ignorance I may display.

I'm the author of a newly released software program that took me a little over four years to complete (on & off, in my spare time).

The name of the software is "CEMPLLA", which is an acronym for "CUDA-Enabled Mersenne Prime Lucas-Lehmer Assessment".

It is freely distributable, and runs under any Windows 64-bit OS. Neither I, nor it, is affiliated in any way with the organization known as "GIMPS".

The CEMPLLA System's sole purpose is to facilitate a coordinated worldwide effort to discover:[LIST][*]the first [B][I][U]one billion[/U][/I][/B] decimal digit Mersenne Prime number, and
the first [B][I][U]one hundred million[/U][/I][/B] decimal digit Mersenne Prime number.[/LIST]Anyone can participate in the effort, and historical credit for either discovery (when they occur) will be given to the participants with the highest contribution to the effort (as tracked by the CEMPLLA System itself). Exactly how that works is explained in the extensive pop-up documentation of the CEMPLLA System Install program.

The CEMPLLA System Install program can be freely downloaded at:

<<URL redacted. [COLOR="Red"][B]MODERATOR: we cannot endorse links to closed-box/closed-source programs that for all we know could be a virus
First discuss with people if what you are doing is helpful. Then you can post it[/B][/COLOR]>>

and everyone on this forum is invited to download and install it. There is a "Readme.txt" file contained within as well, which is intended to be read first.

In spite of the fact that the main purpose of the CEMPLLA System is the aforementioned discoveries, CEMPLLA can also be used to perform the Lucas-Lehmer Test (in CEMPLLA, it's called an "assessment") on any Mersenne Prime at or above 2^37-1. This is included to provide "proof" that the CEMPLLA System's LLT algorithm is flawlessly accurate, in the absence of any source code, which will not be released to the general public for peer review until both of the aforementioned primes have been discovered.

However, to install the main CEMPLLA component, which is the one that performs the LLA (the "Lucas-Lehmer Assessment"), your Windows 64-bit system must have at least five (5) installed CUDA-capable NVidia GPU cards.

If your system does [I]not[/I] have the above requirement, then the CEMPLLA System Install program will [I]instead[/I] install the "Mersenne Prime Candidate Generator" program (named "MPCG" for short), which is a program that factors as many Mersenne Prime Candidates as it can, from a cloud-based database of 5,000 candidates for each type of prime (either one billion, or one hundred million decimal digits).

At the time of this writing, the MPCG program has successfully factored 1,284 one-billion decimal digit Mersenne Prime Candidates, and 1,154 one-hundred million decimal digit Mersenne Prime Candidates, all of which are available to view from within either the MPCG program, or the CEMPLLA program (along with the current status of all the other candidates).

In short, the MPCG program's purpose is to "knock out" any Mersenne Prime candidates from the aforementioned cloud-based database of Mersenne Prime candidates, for the sole benefit of the main CEMPLLA program, which uses the database to select candidates to perform the LLT on. And if the CEMPLLA program detects that the candidate it's currently performing the LLT on has been factored by the MPCG program (by another participant), it will immediately abort the LLT, and choose another candidate.

The CEMPLLA System is designed to facilitate a coordinated effort among like-minded individuals (and possibly companies), who believe that the technology exists [B][I][U]now[/U][/I][/B] to discover the largest primes ever recorded in the history of mankind.

The CEMPLLA Effort is unique in that it doesn't involve emails, "assignments", "memberships", "vetting", "permission", or any of that stuff. In fact, participation in the CEMPLLA Effort doesn't really involve any human interaction at all. Once installed, the CEMPLLA System can be run as a "set it and forget it" kind of program (it can minimize to the System Tray), or you can choose to "watch" it as it performs its calculations. You can also pause, resume, or exit the program at any time.

Essentially, the CEMPLLA System was designed to be fun and easy to use, unobtrusive, and yet powerful enough to take advantage of any and all processing power (both CPU and GPU) in your system (NVidia GPU tech only though). It will even optionally employ your display GPU for its calculations with no significant degradation in display performance (kudos to NVidia for that, BTW).

There's more to say about the CEMPLLA System, but the extensive pop-up documentation available in the CEMPLLA Install program pretty much explains it all. It also contains instructions on how to buy a "CUDA supercomputer" over the Internet BTW, should you [B][I]really[/I][/B] want to get into it..

Anyway, I sincerely hope that one or more of you (preferably more of you) decide to give CEMPLLA a try.

And, of course, should you find a bug in it anywhere, you are more than welcome to report it directly to me here in this forum.

Thanks, and happy computing!

wombatman 2015-09-15 18:57

You'd be more believable if you did things like put a name and provided the source code to it. And maybe some timings. And maybe a comparison to things like Prime95, CudaLucas, and mfaktc/o that already exist and do a great job.

As it is, this screams "virus".

Batalov 2015-09-15 19:00

Why not post the Readme.txt first?
People [B]should not[/B] need to download a zip file from dropbox only to read the Readme.txt (and potentially already get the virus and whatnot).

Post the Readme.txt.

Batalov 2015-09-15 19:08

Preliminary reading: [url][/url] ...

Phil MjX 2015-09-15 19:31

GPU requirements sounds to me like : "Bitcoin Mine Me Please" :smile:
(and if you can't afford 5 Nvidia GPU, you still can mine in the cloud)

chalsall 2015-09-15 19:47

[QUOTE=Batalov;410372]Preliminary reading: [url][/url] ...[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]The CEMPLLA System is a freely distributed software solution that is designed to facilitate a coordinated worldwide effort to discover:

The first one billion decimal digit prime number, and
The first one hundred million decimal digit prime number.

The source code is not included in the distribution, but will be released to the general public for full peer review when both of the above prime numbers have been discovered.[/QUOTE]

This would be funny if it wasn't so sad....

wombatman 2015-09-15 19:56


Still shady as all get-out, but this person does exist going back a while.

chalsall 2015-09-15 20:02

[QUOTE=wombatman;410378]Still shady as all get-out, but this person does exist going back a while.[/QUOTE]

Ever heard of a "sleeper"?

Prime95 2015-09-15 21:50

[QUOTE=wombatman;410378]Still shady as all get-out, but this person does exist going back a while.[/QUOTE]

Hunting big prime numbers has been known to inspire eager contributors. Until proven otherwise, I tend to believe the OP's intent.

My suggestions to OP based on two decades in the field:

1) An absolute must: Your program must print out the exponent you are testing and when finished, the final 64-bits of the last LL iteration. This is how end users can validate the accuracy of your program. Without it participation will be very, very low.
2) There must be an interface where the user can select his own exponent to verify the correctness of your program and compare its performance with similar programs (e.g. CudaLucas).
3) Source code is nice, but if you do the above it is not necessary.
4) Share your algorithms and ideas here and learn from the very knowledgeable folks here on how to make it better. From experience I can guarantee that version 1.0 of your program pales in comparison to what it can be using the vast knowledge and experience available here.
5) Promise to share your results with GIMPS. GIMPS will happily give you a ton of factoring data on 100 million digit candidates. GIMPS does not "own" the exponents -- using GIMPS factoring data will not affect your ability to claim the EFF monetary awards.

BTW, welcome to the forums! Hopefully you have created a fast program that can make some serious contributions to the field of Mersenne prime research.

wombatman 2015-09-15 22:15

[QUOTE=Prime95;410387]Hunting big prime numbers has been known to inspire eager contributors. Until proven otherwise, I tend to believe the OP's intent.[/QUOTE]

This is a fair point. Sorry, OP.

chalsall 2015-09-15 22:19

[QUOTE=wombatman;410389]This is a fair point. Sorry, OP.[/QUOTE]

I'm a little more paranoid...

Until I get the source code, I don't run it. Or, I put it in a "jail" and sniff the hell out of it.

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