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HiddenWarrior 2003-08-13 13:59

P4 On Stats
I have P4 1.5 G but in PrimeNET statistics my processor goes not to 'Intel Pentium 4' group but to 'Unspecified type'. Why is that, and can I/You repair/change it?

dsouza123 2003-08-13 14:39

What statistics are you looking at ?

The ones that you get from plugging in your PrimeNet UserID & Password
on the following page ?

Or if you are running Prime95 the CPU Information you get from the dialog box from the menu Options-> CPU... ?

If you are using Prime95 what version ?
menu Help -> About Prime95...

I had that issue with the info in the Prime95 program in an earlier version, when I got a newer version it identified it correctly.

dswanson 2003-08-13 14:39

See [url=]this thread[/url]

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