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Unregistered 2009-11-08 06:09

How to remotely to assign a new work?

A remote computer was 'quit' the GIMPS, but it's still on line and ready for doing work.
I can see that computer ID under my account page.

How can I remotely let that computer 're-join' the GIMPS and assign the work to it?


petrw1 2009-11-08 15:57

Is Prime95 running on your computer?

Under Test... PrimeNet: Is there a checkmark beside :
Use PrimeNet to get work and report results?

Unregistered 2009-11-09 03:43

Yes, Prime95 is running in that computer.

But I can't remote control that it ok to force that computer to re join GIMPS?

S485122 2009-11-09 06:48

You can not control a computer remotely with Prime95 or the GIMPS site. Remote control of the type of work is possible for computers that are communicating with GIMPS (and most of the settings are overridden by the local settings.)

You need to have remote control (in one form or another) to that computer to change it's Prime95 settings. (And this is a good thing to ! Otherwise the software should be categorised as malware.)


Uncwilly 2009-11-09 07:18

What I would like to see in the next variant of Primenet is: The ability to remotely select exponents for a CPU. I can make up a worktodo.add for a local machine, so that I can get the expos that I want. But, if I could do that for one of the machines that I don't have ready access to, that would be great. This would be good for LMH'ers.

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