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bbody 2007-12-29 17:23

Error 11 exponent already tested
I just finished LL testing of M39048017 and the server gave me error 11 "exponent already tested" and didn't give me credit. I've always had the exponents selected automatically and certainly didn't select this one. I have been doing this for several years now and it is the first time I've seen this particular problem. Could this be related to the server problems recently experienced? Any info would be appreciated.

ckdo 2007-12-30 02:10

Exponent 39048017 was returned on 15-Dec-07 at 09:56 by account "Norman", computer "School".
I don't have any old status dumps available, but I'd say the exponent was assigned to that machine in November, if not earlier.
Which rules out the late server problems as a potential cause. When did you last successfully update the exponent?

Brian-E 2007-12-30 11:57

I have some status dumps going back to July. My earliest (22 July 2007) gives

39048017 * 68 25.1 64.9 123.9 27-Jun-07 07:14 Norman School

The last time it appears is in the dump from 29 November 2007:

39048017 * 68 155.3 -65.3 -6.3 27-Jun-07 07:14 Norman School

and in the next one (2 December 2007) it is missing completely.

It looks to me as if the progress was never updated (there is never any count of the number of LL iterations) and the server declared it expired around end November, beginning December. I would suggest you Email your results.txt file to George Woltman (his address is in the readme.txt file) because he can give you the credit manually.

ATH 2007-12-31 18:22

If the residue match it should count as a doublecheck.

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