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TauCeti 2004-07-01 19:55

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Wow, Luigi - that was FAST. Thank you very much. Even my rushed german translation took a day or two longer :)

I'll see to it that the translated manual is checked in to cvs to be included in the client releases and that is is accessible through

If you find some more time to translate in the future, the webpages also need a translation *g*. The german translation covered most of the webpages (not the old anouncements). I'll attach the current english versions of the relevent pages to this message.

The html in the webpages looks a bit messy and i know that it's my responibility to solve that problem. But if you find the time to translate those pages, i will commit them asap to cvs and i will - when i have restructured the pages - also convert them.

Please give me a couple of days to include your translation and thanks again for the virtual kick in my butt. Your fast work motivates ;)))


ET_ 2004-07-02 12:12

Hey, I'm not rushing anybody! :razz:

I had a couple of free days at work, and found a way to use my time in some constructive way...

I'm happy to be "useful" to this project.


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